Tuesday, 17 November 2009


I gots some purties.

I had never been to Color me Chaos until I was gently nudged there by a buddy. I caught a ? on the lucky board for this fun Royal Jester ensemble which was awesome! It turns out the owner has been trying to nudge me to look at the store but my messages got capped. Sigh. That just goes to show you if you find something awesome you want me to see you have to basically hit me over the head with a mallet and drag me their or I might miss your suggestion :DOutift: Color Me Chaos, lucky board prize

Then we move on to Gothic Passionate Dreams, formerly known as Passionate Neko Dreams. There are lots of good things there, this is just a sampling.Red Dish Gown: GPD, lucky dip prize
Autumn Gown: GPD, group gift in store
Boots: Duh!, not free (but cheap!)

The hair I am wearing with the MM baord dress is free from Ma*Yo. Isn't it awesome? Red FTW! The awesome Icarus head piece is color change and was a subscriber gift from Hairoin. I am not sure if it is still available for free but I certainly hope so because...well...it's awesome and everyone should have it :PDress and Socks: GPD, MM board prize
Skin: Mother Goose's, lucky baord prize
Hair: Ma*Yo, free
Head Piece: Hairoin, subscriber gift
Boots: Duh!, not free (but cheap!)

The dress put me in a total Xmas mood so here I am sledding! Yay! TY Voshie for the awesome pose set :D
Winter Sledding Pose Set: ~La Petite Morte~, not free (but awesome!)

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