Saturday, 28 November 2009

Down the Chimney Hunt - Teaser!


This December-time hunt is shockingly not a Christmas hunt, it's the Down the Chimney Hunt. The cane and outfit are some of the items that will be in it, a preview of what's to come on December 6th - 20th.


Down the Chimney Hunt Items
***Cane: Moulin Rouge Down the Chimney Cane - Purple (comes with poses and an awesome outfit, not shown)
***Outfit & hat: Sangre Noir Down the Chimney hunt dress

Not Free but Worth Your Moneh:
***Eyes: Shine Silent Lucidity Aurora (large)
***Hair: Lamb Oh Sugar - Snickers
***Necklace: ~silentsparrow~ (raven) someplace to be flying 50L Friday item
***Shoes: Kookie Athena
***Skin: Curio Moonbeam Frex
***Shirt under the dress: Schadenfreude Strigoi Oxford Collar
***Poses: Ana_mations cane AO
***Gloves: Sprawl Shove Gloves
***Lip jewels: ellabella pretty pearls upon your lips

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Dagmar Haiku said...

I got a simple question. The shop Moulin Rouge isn t in the list of the participating shops ( ) . Does it have an other name?