Thursday, 26 November 2009

and from me too...

To everyone who is celebrating today HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

I live in Scotland and some of our American neighbours must have been having a party, and they were letting off fireworks which woke up my 7 year old. She asked why are they celebrating and I said it's because it's Thanksgiving day, she replied "ooh is Thanksgiving because Obama saved a turkey?" (she saw on the UK news earlier Obama with a turkey, haha so cute!)

Now onto the goodies...

My friend Itny has a really cute top freebie in her store FreshTrash (CORRECTED LM - SORRY EVERYONE!) , this is available for a limited time, but I don't know how long exactly, so hurry just in case. It works perfectly with these gorgee socks which are a free gift from Pididdle - available for 1 more week


I made my first ever pair of shorts which you can get at Free*Style at Slaughter City. The crotch area drove me crazy and they are not as perfect as I would have liked, but hey, everyone has to start somewhere and they are only 1L - just don't open your legs k?

The bright and zingy shoes are a group gift from M&M and also come in purple, you wear the group tag and click the sign in store.

Also today, I was lucky to get a peak at Brutus of Pididdle 50L Friday outfit for tomorrow, check out this sexyness (it's the leotard and gloves). I'm going to go nuts at 50L friday tomorrow, I want everything I have seen so far.


As usual I go all crazy on the vignetting because I have no imagination when it comes to photo editing LOL


Pic 1
Puffy Tank Top FreshTrash (CORRECTED LM) (0L)
PIDIDDLE - Scrunchy Wool Socks - gift in store
Strao Flat Shoes M+M (group gift)

Pic 2
Kill or Be Killed Leotard & Gloves Pididdle 50L Black Friday
Cutebutt White Shorts - Free*Style at Slaughter City (1L) or pay what you wanna
Aviators HOC (40L)

CUPCAKES - Daydream - Lace - Raspberry group gift (250L join fee)
Boon DKX456 hair platinum (not free)


Sileny said...

So hot. Want to touch. Will get burned.

Maretch Waffle said...

Hey! :) The Fresh Trash shirt has the wrong slurl i guess. It took me somewhere else. Please let me know what you find out :D
Thnx <3

Creamy Cooljoke said...

Whoops!! this is the correct LM - I'll change it on the blog post too, sorry about that :)

kel said...

Hi, please, where did you get that gun? Im looking for it. Thank you.

Maretch Waffle said...

Thank you Creamy :D And no problem <3 Love your style.
Hugs x

PS: the word verification i got is "sugly" :( Now i'm really sure i'm ugleh. *cries*

Creamy Cooljoke said...

Thanks Maretch <3

Hi Kel, the gun is a full perms one I got from a group it's called Dear Sister gun and it plays an Imogen Heap song when you shoot it. "oooh whatcha saaaaay..."

I will check with the creator to see if I can put it out as a freebie at Free*Style store, I'll let you know here. :)

kel said...

Thank you very much Creamy!

I really think that gun fits to outfit. Im not going to wear this outfit til I get gun. Yay cant wait!:)

Alfa said...

Hi Creamy, any news about the gun? the Dear Sister gun? Where could we get it? ty