Friday 7 August 2009

The Nooblet Adventures-Spork

The Under 30 Days Vendor program has been going well. I have been shocked at the response to it, that I have been getting. So thank you, all you designers that have asked for a package. There will be some new person out there very grateful for you generosity.

On that note, GM Nikolaidis, Designer of Spork, was one of the people to contact me almost right away. He was fast with setting up his kit, and I popped on over to test and grab it up.

This kit was another almost full kit.


You get one Female shape, called Freedom. This shape is very slim, yet has curve in the right places. I happen to really enjoy the butt, just look at that!


The face of Freedom has full lips and a very foxy eye. With the way the mouth was shaped, she always seems to have a little smirk, a secret joke she has not yet decided to share.


This package is super special. Why? It has fitted eyelashes. You can't beat that, no screwing around, cause lets face it, you just rezzed inworld, the last thing you want to do is attempt to fit lashes. They are called Tango, and have a very full light feathering to them.

To complete the look of your face, there is a set of eyes in the package. The eyes are from Spork's Eclipse Line. You get them in a deep blue colour, and you get 2 versions, night and day. Now what is this night and day thing about? Well some designers in sl, when making eyes, offer different versions. This is so you can have a more realistic look. You'll notice with these the night version has a wider pupil, and the day version has the illusion of being lighter. If you are taking photos, and have your viewer set to night, you can wear your night eyes. It'll make the end picture seem more real when you are done with it. Night version on top Right, Day version directly under.


The fun doesn't stop there. You get an outfit in the kit aswell. You get the London Jeans in black, with a bootcut and normal leg. Now what is the difference? Well if you wear the normal ones with sl boots, you'll see the clothing layer poke thru, if your boots are bigger. So most designers offer the bootcut ones, so you can "Tuck" in your pants.

You get the SaraSmiles shirt in Crimson. It comes in all layers. Different layes help, because someday you might find this reall wicked jacket, and want to wear you shirt under that jacket layer, so having them all allows you more flexibility in your wardrobe. Sadly not all designers do multiple layers.

So here is another great kit to get you on your way.

Thankyou GM Nikolaidis!


Shape/Eyes/Lashes/All Clothing-Get it at Spork if you are under 30 days---->Just Click Here

Items you all can get from above:

Skin-Diversity-Inanna in glow tone-Downtown Makeup-L$0(part of preview pack instore)
Hair-Ingenue-Scarlett in Chocolate Covered Cherry-L$0 at Savoir Hair
Shoes-Maitreya-Group Gift Pumps in black-Inworld Subscriber Gift

Now here is a look at Spork Fashion at it's Finest:


Here is my Main Account(Helena Stringer) modeling a dress from Spork that is part of the Designers Showcase Network, DSN for short. DSN was the idea of a very talented scripter, Rika Watanabe. She thought it would be nifty for designers to have a different way to get a new customer base. Her system sends out samples of participating Designers, in all different fields, to anyone signed up. This would be a very good thing for you avis just starting out. It is sort of like window shopping. You get the item, see if it's something you like, and then go visit the store, with the provided landmark.

To read more about the Designers Showcase Network, and how to join, Just Click Here.

The DSN gifts are randomized, so it might take you a bit to get this dress, but you'll get many wonderful things along the way.

Skin-Tuli-Hope in dark tan tone-Star makeup-VIP gift
Eyes-Poetic Color-easter lilac-Past Hunt
Lashes-Sin Skins-Vanity Lashes-L$10 for a limited time(They are Retiring)
Dress-Spork-Flight Mini in Gold-DSN Gift (There are other colours inworld)
Shoes-Ztique-Bibe in black-L$145


Here Helena is again, modeling a dress you will find at Spork. Not a free item, but just a look at the quality of fashion that is out there for you guys, once you get full immersed into your new world.

Skin-Tuli-Hope in pale tone-special june rewards skin(for picks, still out)
Eyes-Tuli-Luminous eyes in blue-L$50
Lashes-Sin Skins-Ferra Lashes-L$10 for a limited time(They are Retiring)
Dress-Spork-Sassy in Magenta-L$250
Shoes-Truth-Bootielicious in Coral-L$0 at Gnubie

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