Monday 17 August 2009

The Nooblet Adventures-Duh!

Renee Harvy is one of my favvy designers, and also now a friend. I had the luck of finding her store one day, on a quest for shoes for my sister.

The thing about Duh! and why I was instantly attached to the store, is simply the items are high quality and low budget. I will forever love a good deal, designer or not. It comes from my RL, not this freebie culture that has started here in sl.

Renee takes sculpt kits, and mashes them all up, makes textures and turns her creations into something new. She does in fact make more then just shoes, but shoes are what we talk about today!

There is an "Under 30 Days" kit at Duh! and the greatest thing about it is the Unisex factor.


In the pack you get a white and a black version for each male and female. This is a good starter set for any new person, who is off exploring their new world.

Thankyou Renee Harvy!


Duh! is very active in hunts, and this is one of the samples from a hunt going on right now! It's from the Skipping Stones hunt, and you'll find it in the store, in a little stone somewhere. You get both a male and female.


These are a sample of the shoes you can actually purchase. They are one of my favorite styles, and come in a bunch of colours, which is also a wonderful factor, specially for people like me. They are called Slip-on Clogs.


Picture 1-Under 30 Days Package Shoes
Picture 2-Skipping Stones Hunt Boots-L$0
Picture 3-Slip On Clogs in Blue with silver Buckles-L$20

You can get it all here at Duh!

Check out the Under 30 Days list here!
Check out the New Flickr Group just for Under 30 Days Content here!

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Renee Harvy (Duh!) said...

I'm all speechless and stuff :p
Thank you so much <3