Saturday 22 August 2009

More About Eloh Plus Love!

Love Soul has a new picks rewards gift out as well as a new group gift. Hurray! The picks gift and the group gift coordinate which is always fun to me. Love Soul is easily in my top five fave stores in SL. You heard me right folks, TOP FREAKING FIVE action all up in here. The hat and star earrings are the group gift (it is a 200L join fee but VERY much worth it) and the tank top and shorts are the picks gift. The stars on my thigh are part of the shorts.

And I wanted to show some close ups of the new Eloh skins. The .psds are available at the earlier link I posted but there are also premade skins available at the Gnubie Store (fabulous place if you've never been). It is fun to try the skins on and see all the great new changes. This is a new tone (there are I think five tones now but I will double check) and it feels both ghostly and porcelin to me.

There are also new freckles shown on this skin. You can also see very clearly that there are new eye options and nose options as well. LOVE this new line.

The Rest of the Goodies:
Hair: Tiny Bird, 1L for a pack
Tattoos: Psycho Kat, 1L
Shape: Shape It Up! @ Gloomyville, 1L
Shoes: Truth @ The Gnubie Store, 1L (Unisex!)

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