Tuesday, 17 March 2009

More RFL Treats

This year's Relay for Life Clothing Fair is nothing short of spectacular.  I arrived low-ARC(16) with full pockets and ended up buying more Lindens while I was there.  While you can go and load up on freebies and cheapies (I sure do!), the Fair benefits the American Cancer Society, so if you have Lindens to spend now is the time.  You will get beautiful limited edition outfits and be helping a worthy cause. I've included slurls to each item.  It will not take you directly to the item but if you follow the red arrow you should be able to easily find these. 
The first outfit is only 1 L at The Crystal Queendom.  It is named Princess Jen'ire and has a regal quality befitting royalty.  No expense was spared in quality from livinglight Yiyuan, the creator.  Absolutely stunning and includes resize scripts.  This gorgeous outfit can be found on Sim 6. 
Crisscrossing over to Sim 1 I found this great free highwaisted skirt at Ingenue. It's called High Seas, keeping with the Pirate theme of this year's fair. I paired it with a free white blouse I found at Ash Style (not at the fair).  I particularly love this blouse because if you've ever looked you will find it's hard to find plain white tops in SL. 
I have a penchant in RL and SL for menswear so I was excited to find this free suit at Sartoria (back over on Sim 6), right by the Crystal Queendom. It's called Positano and it's for men but I think it looks hot on women.  The manspanker (!!) is one of those freebies that you can pick up in lots of free BDSM gear boxes throughout SL.  I probably have 5 or 6.  
I definitely have a silly side and was so geeked when I hit the subscriber at Total Betty and was rewarded with this free Laundry Day outfit.  If only it was this easy to clean up my inventory! It's been a constant battle since I figured out how to leave Orientation Island. 

Don't be afraid to de-prim.  You will look more stupid if you don't!

Not Free or Cheap: 
Picture 1 
Hair - Zero Style
Shoes - AW Design

Picture 2 
Hair - Ingenue
Glasses - Artilleri
Shoes - Tesla (previous group gift)

Picture 3
Hair - Zero Style
Shoes - Maitreya

Picture 4
Hair - Bewitched
Vacuum - got it in a lucky chair a million years ago
Skin - all pictures - Zullay Designs

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