Saturday 14 March 2009

Lucky Ducky


It's like my favvy sl colour. I really don't get to wear it in rl, never find the right shade. Plus in here I get to be green. Literally! So Fricka was in the shop buying up a wack of hair, and I was all like oh ya, I hadn't been to her shop in a bit. So I dragged one of my store models, Ruina Kessel(Also owner of House of Ruin) over to {Frick}. There we found some new goodies. This Green goddess of a skin was down stairs, as well as the lucky chair! And low and behold my letter came up! I'm always super excited when that happens, cause honestly we designers like never get out. We are hermits. We need showers most days, at least 2 dunkings.

Nyla Cheeky of House of Nyla gave me an outfit the other day. It so went with the {Frick} skin, I just had to show you.

This made me go to the store, see if she had any goodies. There is one, for both men and women. I remembered I mentioned Ducks in my first post, so I laughed when I found these duck feet looking for a slurl.

Here are the Lucky Chair Beauties. I only realised at the last pic that I had lost my lashes due to the hat. Oops.
Now I really didn't want to go too holiday crazy, but this giftpack warranted Free*Style bloggage.
All this is in it, and it's free! Can't beat that! Well you can but it could get messy.

I saw these eyes in the Free*Style Flickr group and was like OOOOOOO. MINE! The only thing that sucks is if your hunting on your own. That's cause it's not a regular hunt. It's a lucky letter hunt, so bring peeps to get the items rolling.

Lastly for the love of all things Duh! That's the store name I swear! Renee is awesome. We have seen shoe kits go out there, and people do nothing with them. They just make them up and slap them out. Well Renee, she actually adds things, and like makes different colours, ooo and here is a new concept, she like places different types of textures on them. OMG! Like I can feel the air going to my head. So ya head on over to Duh! you'll find something, and spend next to nothing, she gives awesome gifts, has a lucky chair, does hunts. Shoe lovers dream designer. So off with you now, hump her leg a bit!

Pic 1-2

Skin-{Frick}-Shamrock Skin-L$0
Outfit(with Hat)-House Of Nyla-St. Patties Girl-L$600
Shoes-ETD-2008 St.Patties Hunt(not available)-L$0

Pic 3

Shirt-House Of Nyla-St.Patrick's Day T-Shirt-L$0
Skirt-KaWaii Jelly-Cheapie Puffy Skirt-L$1
Hat-House Of Nyla-St.Patrick's Day tophat-L$0
Duck Feet-KaWaii Jelly-Cheapie Duck Feet Slippers-L$1

Pic 4

Skins-{Frick}-Shamrock Lucky Chair Prize(there is also shapes and a tanktop)-Lucky Chair

Pic 5-6

Hoodie-KaWaii Jelly-Cheapie Plain Hoody -L$1
Shorts-These were free, but the store is gone now =(
Leggings-SN@TCH-Green Star&Stripe Leggings-L$200 for pack of 20
Hat, Necklace, Boots and Arm Cuffs-Burning Chrome-Bigass Gift pack(not actual name XP)-L$0

Pic 7

Eyes-Kunstkammer-Fae Moss-Lucky Hunt Gift

Pic 8

Boots-Duh!-Big Buckle Boots Olive-L$0

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