Friday, 20 February 2009

Panic-Free Gowns

After much gown searching, I found Sascha's Design. At first, I was there to see the pink gown Sascha designed for the Australian Bushfire appeal, near the entrance there are the dresses she gave away in the past months, as well as a new gift this Feb AND the Greatest Love Hunt Gift!

Sascha's 'No No' Gown

First of all, this is the Feb group gift from Sascha's. Please have your group tag activated to receive this!

1. Sascha's Design - No No Gown
2. Necklace from Reminisce Jewelry, not free. A gift from an ex boyfriend, very useful, thank you Kweli!

Sascha's July 08 Gown

1. Sascha's Design - July's Gown

Sascha's 'Lily' Gown

1. Sascha's Design - 'Lily' Gown
2. Necklace from Chloe

Sascha's Valentine Gown

1. Sascha's Design - Valentine Gown (gift for the GL hunt)
2. Necklace from Miyabi's Shape, precious freebie

Sascha's 'Drama Queen' Gown

A striking colored gown (shiny), which I like very much!

1. Sascha's Design - 'Drama Queen' Gown, $10L

Now a quick update for Lemania, omg, she has a freebie out every day!!! Her name has become a regular in my for L, u get 'Lemania'....about 10 pages long...

Lemanina Indigo: Subtle Forest

1. Dress of the Day from Lemania Indigo - Subtle Forest, $1L.
2. Head dress made specially for Toko Voom, I think I got it from the Vain group months ago...still pretty though!
3. Kill And Cover Necklace from 120MPH, not free...*kisses Faint*, thanks for the necklace babes...

Hair worn throughout is 'Piper' from Maitreya (not free)!
Obsessed with this hair atm....


Chic Aeon said...

Hey there. Just a note. Lemania's "of the day" outfits are each $1 so a dollarbie :D With 150 or so to go that might be of import. You look lovely BTW :D

Gabi Fitzgerald said...

I also love the new Maitreya styles, bought all 3 as soon as they were released lol
And agreed, u look lovely

Gidge Uriza said...

Sascha's Got amazing gowns.....ALL of her work is extraordinary. And she's a doll to boot. Plus, there is a tux on the first floor for your fella. It's a cheapie.

- Gidge Uriza

Tiara Hirons said...

Sascha is my fav Gown designer!
Not only her freebies are great, also her customer service is awesome!
She really cares about her customers.

sjd231 said...

what skin are you wearing? it's fab!