Monday, 29 December 2008


I've been horrible. I haven't been on Second Life for an extended period. I jump online, check notices, irritate people in IM, and then I poof! back into the real world.

The lovely Ashia and her Q told me about a delightful skin that makes me feel all frosted chic.

This is the gorgeous skin given to the group members of Rockberry!!
The lips are so delicious! Look that them! H-O-T.
I love the gorgeous details around the eyes. Stunning!

To get this skin, you'll need to shuffle up some room in your groups. Join the Rockberry group, check the notices and wear, wear, wear!!!!!!

Thank you to the lovely Ashia, yes, you may impregnate Dahlindah with your Pixel babies. ^^

Other stuffs:
Hair- Aitui


Ashia Tomsen said...

ZOMG!!!! PRIM BEBBEHS!!!. Seeing as that Loli broke my heart, you and I Dahl shall make boofulls babehs and raise them in a mosh pit XD!!

Dahlindah Destiny said...

Oh well, a mosh pitt is a very loving environment.
With all the warmth, bodily fluids and close-ness.

Sexxxxy time with Ashia!!

olivia connaught said...

loool ash, i think i have enough alts to go around :p