Sunday, 5 October 2008

Golden Age

I'm having a golden moment, sitting in our brand new 'office' (errr, well, the tiny room upstairs where I used to hide my ironing, now has a desk in it). The sun shining down on me from the window and a I have a cold bottle of Corona sitting in front of me.

Here's some lush golden clothes to match my mood. Funky, foxy metallic gold Metallic Shine leggings from a cool store called League, subscribomatic group gift. TP to the store, touch the sign, touch it again and choose History, Option 1 and it's yours (until the owner removes it, so hurry)


Amazing corset piercing which was a group gift from Frick , but you can now get it on the lucky chair, downstairs in the store.


I wanted to show you the front view of these leggings without spreading my virtual breasticles all over the feed, so a perfect opportunity to wear this cute Cuppycake Tank Top, 1L from Pink Fuel


Wooot! An excuse to play this wicked new song, Golden Age by TV On The Radio.

Metallic Shine leggings : League, subscribomatic group gift
Corset Piercing : Frick (lucky chair gift)
Cuppycake Tank : Pink Fuel (1L)
Berri Hair in Barley : Truth (1L for full colour pack)
Rejuvenate - Fossil (halloween) skin : Truth subscribomatic group gift
Katia Demi d'Orsay Wedges - Zebra : SKG (5L for limited time)


Anonymous said...

I love the clothing at League, got myself a pair of boots. Not sure why, but the clothing at League reminds me a lot of the clothing at Last Call.

Anonymous said...

The item at League was not available for re-delivery, it kind of sucks because some people couldn't get those leggings because it said "NOTICE: item that was attached with this message is currently not available for re-delivery" this truly sucks, I don't like this store at all

Anonymous said...

it also said that the gift will be put up soon so when new people subscribe you will get it , so LM it and comeback in a week, unsubscribe and subsribe again

& a bad attitude like that deserves nothing, that store owes u nothing. go get the viva la glam fat pack leggings 1L

Creamy Cooljoke said...

To anon 2 commentor:
Oh, I went there and checked before I did this post and it was still available at that time :/

I don't think it's a reason not to like a store just because they remove a free gift from their group - It really disappoints me that people out there still think in that way despite everything we have said about this before. Stores are not obliged to give away free gifts.

It's nice of them to give it out in the first place. It can't be available in the group for ever.

To Anon 3 commentor:
Thanks for the info, that's fantastic if they offer it later for new subscribers, but if they read the previous 'bad attitude' Anon comment they may think again about that. Some people are so ungrateful, that makes me saaaad :(