Tuesday, 15 April 2008

stick picks!

i've been moseying along the red stick hunt in my slowpokey way and have picked up more nifty pretty things than you can shake a..... oh, nevermind. some of my faves follow.

- the lady stardust dress in midnight blue from ingenue makes me close my eyes and imagine i'm at the Copa, daydreamingly swaying to the music and really, reeeeally hoping this is the night mickey mantle struts in and sweeps me off my feet:

[hair - kin keiko, pinup (100L, two versions included); skin - minnu, fair, makeup1 (1600L, sigh... but so worth it); necklace - bonita's, antique pearl wrapped necklace (free with subscribe-o-matic signup)]

- the linen high waisted pants from studio sidhe (in an exclusive wine color!), and the freckled timeless skin from ashia designs:

[hair - armidi, soho (not free); necklace - calla, pearl wrapped (old hunt gift, but can likely be found for sale in store); top - annah, (group gift); shoes - arcane, newtown wedges (subscribe-o-matic freeb, both top and shoes previously blogged by creamy]

- the generous swimsuit in green from pixel passion, the henna tattoo from tuli, and one of the poses found in the grapevine stick:

[skin - redgrave, rhianna (990L); hair - zerostyle, kristin (not free)]

- and the purple bikini and hotpants from nicky ree:

[location - one of the surfline rezzables, and watch out for those dragonflies. they shove!]


Bella Baroque said...

looooverly shots olivia, and some great finds! nice work woman :)

Anonymous said...

Mickey Mantle? The dead guy? LOL!

olivia connaught said...

bellerz - flattery will get you everywhere <3

anon - jeez, since you put it that way.... thanks for raining on my e-dollie's 50s era daydream parade ;)

Bella Baroque said...

lolivia... its really harder for me NOT to insult. i had a severe headache the rest of today from all of the niceness that goes against my smartass lolnature. still.... i stands by it, but you owe me 3 Excedrin Migrane pills and a glass of wine

olivia connaught said...

i totes owe you but all i got is a 40 of olde english and a half bottle of valtr---- um, valium.

Bella Baroque said...

*pours the 40 out for her homies, nabs the valium and runs*