Friday 25 April 2008

My eyeballs

Not really nothing to do with eyeballs, I just couldn't think of a title :D

First up, one of my favie stores DP yumyum has a new dollarbie skirt in store. It's a vintage gypsy style, so pretty in a floaty fabric texture. I was delighted to discover they now make hair too, so I bought this 02 Sesame black style - only 100L!!

dp GGC_002

The skirt prim comes in 2 designs.

dp GGC_003
Just like Momma's tea towel, in a good way. (Do you call it a tea towel where you are?) I mean the thing for drying dishes.

dp GGC_004

Oooh and Kellie at Elate released a great new 1L item yesterday, this wicked leopard print 'Roxane' top. You need this in your SLife!

dp GGC_006

Gianni at Gigi Couture has given out another great gift to her group, these sexifilicious booty hugging low cut jeans, tight as tight can be with a cool 'LOVE' belt buckle. Join Gigi Couture group and look in notice archives for these and a bikini which I previous blogged.

dp GGC_005

Max that butt slider ladies
"I like big butts and I cannot lie"
dp GGC_007

Lemon Skirts: DP yumyum (1L)
Roxane Top: Elate (1L)
Yellow Cheeries: Aphrodite (free on red stick hunt, not sure if still available for free)
Black Stilletto's: Maitreya (free)
Summer Skin: Kao (Free - Prize Camp)
Sesame black Hair DP yumyum (1L)


Miu Elfan said...

Awww you look soooo purdy *melts*

Moni Criss said...

The lemon skirt is very lovely.
I like Core very much. XD

Jeans of GiGi are also wonderful.:)

Anonymous said...

i like tea towel, i may use that from now on instead.
my father just calls it his dish towel, and worse.. dish rag.. that to me just sounds vile for some reason?