Sunday, 20 April 2008


has renovated their mise en scene area and set out some new free hair for us chintzy vultures to swoop down upon. several styles can be had by clicking on promotional posters (it took me half my slife to figure that out, so you might want to click here to see a picture of them) and purchasing for 0L, and others by camping in cute beauty salon chairs for 10 minutes. i'm going to show off the girl styles but there are a few for boys as well. and apologies to all you blondes and redheads -- the new hair only comes in dark shades:

[skin - blowpop, mellie 3 (gift, no longer available); eyes - sin skins - intense aqua (not free]

because i'm admittedly a little strange, the best thing to come out of my trip to amorepacific wasn't the hair... it was this ginormous purple clam (beavis giggle) that's perfect for curling up in for a watery snooze:

[hair - aden, windblown (not free); bikini - mimi-a-go-go (free on onrez)]

to get your own, just click on the uh, giant purple clam instore and purchase for 0L.

you can grab a teleport hud when you get to amorepacific, but in case you get lost or confused, here's a pic of the mise en scene building; use the coords at the top of the screengrab to help find your way there.


Terry Toland said...

*Lurbs deh purple shell bed* X3

I think I've seen some of their previous freebies at a different location before. What has got me curious is there is a jewelry set next to the entry/exit that says 'freebie item', but I can't seem to get it. :/

Anonymous said...

These sims are chock full of freebies! I'm not done exploring yet but there is awesome Korean furniture, tea sets, hair sticks and *adorable* sculpted floral shoes at the museum, a free gown at Hera.. and who knows what else. Some freebies are clearly marked, others you just have to click and hope. Definitely worth a field trip.

olivia connaught said...

green dream - i missed that set altogether or i'd have probably made myself crazy trying to figure out how to get it :D

sophia - loool click and hope is the perfect strategy! i need to go back, i barely got beyond mise en scene the first time around.