Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Some people hate Valentine's Day but I like it because 1.I like pink and red 2.I like those chalky heart candy things and 3.It gives me an excuse to tell my friends I love them without sounding like a creeper.  I put together this outfit with some fun free, cheap and not free things for you today.  My tights, skin and hair are not free but they are from the Back to Black event which is really important to me.  The event is to promote awareness of mental health issues and you can find facts posted all over the venue as well as inside of purchased items.  My dress is from Cupcakes and is one of many lucky chair prizes.  Love this color!  My stockings are from Sleeping Koala and come in a version with fishnet in the open panels as well.
 I want to show a close-up of the contents of the cute little Valentine's gift from Deviant Girls.  Normally I don't like anything with a brand name on it but "Deviant Girls" is such a cool name I like this anyway. My lipstick kiss is a subscriber gift from Izzie's.  It comes in a few shades of pink and red to match your look.  My little mouth heart candy is from RezIpsa Loc and is only 5L per try in the gacha at the Love is in the Air event at the Cupcakes sim.  My hair is from Mina at Back to Black and comes with the matching hair bases as well.
My boots are not free or from Back to Black, lol, but they are a new release from A-Bomb and I adore this store so you get to see them anyway. :P
Finally, I want to say happy Valentine's day to everyone.  I firmly believe we have some of the best people as our readers and I adore you all!  We should all celebrate Valentine's day by spoiling ourselves with yummy treats in RL as well as SL!  Om nom nom.  You can grab this berries and cream set (with rez and wear options as well as a cute cookie I haven't shown) on the lucky board at Circa.  Live it up!
Dress: Cupcakes, lucky chair prize
Hair: Mina @ Back to Black
Tights: Sleeping Koala @ Back to Black
Skin: Adore&Abhor @ Back to Black
Mouth Candy: RezIpsa Loc @ Cupcakes event, 5L per try gacha prize
Valentine's Shopping Bag: Deviant Girls, group gift (other gift in notices as well)
Kisses Face Tattoo: Izzie's, subscriber gift
Boots: A-Bomb, new release
Berry Bowl: Circa, lucky board prize