Friday, 11 June 2010

Campioni del mondo

Sweet Day Out

Some nice gifts for boys & girls today :)

On Suri:
Oyakin *2010*summer*GIFT (join group to get!)
Choramimi - HOWAHOWA SKIRT $1L. There are other $1L items in the store, take a look around!

Other stuff (not free):
Hair: Truth - Lourdes

Matteoo: "I want France or Italy to win! Campioni del mondo !!!!!!
True italian, wear it perfectly like me PO PO PO PO :p

Good luck everyone for this amazing event !"

Matteoo wears the soccer top made for Italy (part of an outfit by
LaVie, as blogged by Tesh's friend Ethan right here)

T Town (very romantic place for couples)

Suri, xoxo