Saturday, 15 May 2010

postcards from italy and st augustine

50L Fridayyyy! omg the NICEST dress from Tiny Bird in champagne! beautiful sculpts and shadows. The Postcards from Italy hair is also available in brown tones for 50L Friday :) It's still out, so please go grab it if you haven't yet! I'm wearing it in my favorite color, cotton candy!

Please note that the dollarbie flats are available in WHITE! I am showing them in another color. The white ones are exactly the same, with a pink ribbon and pink trimming, just that the bluegray part is white :)

you can get superfreakingpretty dollarbie flats from Buttons by Meila Solo! I bought the fatpack of bright colors for 250L because the gift was toooo gooood. three colors of flats for only 120L! I love summery flats, I hate tinting my feet nowadays.

on Xing:
hair: Zeus lucky board, unisex.

hooded vest: Gabriel group only lucky board, you can win a whole fatpack as the letters alternate! The items are transfer, so I really wanted this color and there was a letter A, so AshleePSU Snoodle kindly tped over and left one of her groups and won the shirt and gave it to me so I could give it to Xing. Thanks Ashlee! Sorry I'm such a pain in your butt!! I know you love it!!! (the butt pain, not me)

bracelet on right hand: Gabriel also has a group gift of men's bracelets with chains, very detailed.

Madras shorts/pants: Doppelganger, 100L. Doppelganger makes the most awesome clothes! Crazy cheap, crazy wonderful sculpted goodness. I don't think SLife gets any cheaper than Doppelganger for high quality clothing.

belt: Reek! I Heart Themes belt.
sandals: Aoharu belt sandals, not free

tattoos: actchio. lotus tattoo 30L!
poses: girl pose from doll. by Suri, boy pose by actchio!


Ashlee said...


silver milneaux said...

Love you and your butt!!!!

Casandra Shilova said...

Oh we used to live in St. Augustine, FL - absolutely LOVED it!

Sileny said...

We all knew that about Ashlee.