Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Sn@tch SnowBall Hunt

I love Sn@tch. There, I said it. The store makes me happy. If I could condense it into a paste, I would spread it on a bagel and eat it. So when they have new freebies I get excited. Right now there is a snowball hunt going on. There are several vendors on the sim participating, but for now I shall focus on Sn@tch.
All of the items from Sn@tch are priced between 0L-15L. Some of the items from other vendors can go as high as 100L (I am making it in bold because there is always some crazy that doesn't read any notices, doesn't read before they click buy, and gets mad. Here is your warning) so if you are on a strict budget you should be careful of what you click. Out of 28 items from Sn@tch, however, I only found TWO that weren't 0L. So really it's a lot of free awesome.
There are items for men and women, shoes, dresses, tops, bottoms, accessories, tattoos, and even skins! Not nearly all of the items are shown here, you really need to go check for yourself.
My favorite find I think were the skins. Look! Dimples! I love dimples! And there is a freckled version for you spotted folk as well.All shoes, clothes and skin: Sn@tch, snowball hunt (0L-15L)
Hair: Lamb, not free (may no longer be available)