Sunday, 6 December 2009

hats scarves capes armwarmers sales!

some beautiful free/cheap hats, scarves and capes!

HANI hat, scarf, capelet, all free.

The orange tweed hat, scarf and capelet (you can wear the scarf and capelet together, too!) is a thank-you gift from HANI. The same items in pink tweed are a "service item" at L$10! and the other pretty colors retail at just 100-130L. I bought the capelet in black too! If you're not smart enough to figure out the vendor (I wasn't.) you basically click on the color you want, then you pay the vendor. I spent a few minutes trying to zoom in on the color I wanted and trying to pay it but i only managed to get one color D: yeah, click it first!!

The hat and scarf come with with pom-pom and without pom-pom options, too. HANI also has four lucky boards with funny/cute skins and a skin gacha, as well as a bargain/discount area of 5-10L for Christmas!

The Elate! sweater in ice and Reek! mittens in gold (woo exclamation marks!) were 300L and 99L respectively. I sorta cringed at the price of the Elate! sweater, but I think it's worth it. It's also mod, so you can tint it to match whatever you're wearing. The collar can be worn as a muffler separately too, so I thought it was a good deal.

The Reek! mittens are every bit as realistic as they look. Best mittens on SL, and fortunately not too expensive for the quality. only 99L! you need them.

Rabbit fur hat: L$50, SAIKIN sale! two colors included
Capelet: HANI, only L$130! (orange version is free)
Black hair: Boon group gift
Armwarmers: Fatpack of 7 colors, sculpted, SAIKIN group gift(same group as Boon!)

SAIKIN opening sale! First, go to Boon and get the free black hair(in picture). There are two free group hairs, but I only liked one. Just outside Boon, SAIKIN is having an opening sale, everything at L$50! I got this rabbit fur hat at just 50L(includes two colors, brown and gray), and I think it's pretty impressive looking. wear with or without hair! There are these great furry earmuffs too, I might go back and get those.

SAIKIN is also giving out this group gift (same update group as BOON, so don't take off your group tag) free fatpack of sculpted armwarmers - changes 7 different argyle textures. I'm wearing them in beige here! (you click and hold for 2-3 seconds to get the color-change menu)

OMG look at this SAIKIN men's henley for just L$50. The shirt is available in different colors, and it comes with belt/without belt options and the belt changes 9 colors! *edit** The belt IS sculpted and the bottom of the shirt comes with six different options. Thanks to Evelynn and the other kind person who showed me the shirt!

Oh and Maitreya's Faye hair in gold-blond is really useful for fitting under hats :) It's mod, so you can tint it to black/brown too, heh. (Although I did buy the brown color pack!) P.S. blond hair is tintable to black, too! I can never choose between blond and black and brown :(

U&R Dogs is in two hunts right now and these are the two hunt gifts! They sent a notecard detailing where to find the items, so I'll just repeat - you can get the colorful rings around your fingers in the globe pretending to be a lamp near the lucky chair, and the beautiful set of bangles can be found in the (quite huge)bell next to the ticket area. I'm bad at hunts and these took me five minutes to find, so I'm sure you'll be faster! hint: all these are in the basement :)


Maretch Waffle said...

Nice post :) Love your style :D
Kisses <3

delmar said...
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Evelynn said...

the saikin shirt bottom IS sculpted. it comes with 6 options for the bottom! :o

silver milneaux said...

Thanks so much, Evenlynn! :D i'll edit the post. <3<3 to Maretch, you're freaking good at finding good freebies!