Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Belleza, Baby Dolls, and Amazing Gowns, Oh My!

I have been out shopping and have found some fantastic freebies and dollarbies and I am ready to share!


Shirohato has a bunch of adorable dresses for just ONE linden! Gotta love it!


These are four of about eight of the one linden dresses and all of her other dresses are around 60 lindens! A total steal.


Here's a closeup of the December group gift from Belleza: totally gorgeous skins for men and women in three different tones. It does cost 250 to join the Belleza group but skins like these can run you 1500 lindens and up so its well worth it. I've worn the Belleza skins in all of the photos above so you can see the different versions. Make sure to grab them from past notices in the group before they are gone!


I went for the femme fatale look with this asian inspired dress from +Lika Ruby+. It's another group gift but this group is free to join. Put your tag on and touch the sign in the store to get yours.


With New Year's just around the corner everyone needs a drop dead gorgeous gown and here's one for just one linden from ###Ms... (yup, thats the name!)

Style Notes Photo One & Two

All Dresses 1L from Shirohato
Kurvy White Pumps (not free) from Nardcotix
Black UZU22Hair (not free) from Boon
Hair With Bow (not free) from Sixty-Nine
Anachronism Hair (not free) from Tiny Bird
Blonde Hair Group Gift from Noju (previously blogged)

Style Notes Photo Three
Mens and Womens Group Gift Skins from Belleza (250 linden group join fee)

Style Notes Photo Four
China Dress Group Gift from +Lika Ruby+
SyDS Hair (not free) from SyDS
Replicant Skin (not free) from 42

Style Notes Photo Five
Gift BL Dress 1 Linden from ###MS...
Ilkar Hair (not free) from Paper Couture


laerke levenque said...

sorry we cannot find the 1 l ddress at shirohato...
this is inexistent for while

Evangeline Eames said...

My mistake..I used the slurl for the mainstore and not the location with the free dresses. It's been corrected. The actual slurl is here: http://slurl.com/secondlife/KAWASAKI/128/128/31

My apologies for any trouble!

Evangeline Eames said...


Sileny said...

Where are those ripped socks on the first photo from? I loves them!

Evangeline Eames said...

they are from Sassy Kitty but are pretty old so no idea if they are still around!