Free*Style Supported Stores

Here you will find all the Stores that Free*Style currently Supports as a Team. Most of these you will find at Shop Free*Style, but we can only fit so many in there, so some are just supported on the blog. Many have a history with Free*Style, either because we helped spark their careers, or because the people behind the labels had become longtime friends with one of the various bloggers, over the years.

Placed in Alphabetical Order:

1 Hundred by Sira Savira
A.D.D. Andel! by Andel Rhiadra
Adore and Abhor by Sileny Noel and
[a.e.meth] by Aemeth Lysette
AlaskaMetro by Alaska Metropolitan
Alice Project by Alice Demonia
Ama. by Amadeo Dubratt
Antimon by Kedith Vendetta
Baby Monkey by Pixieplumb Flanagan
!Bang Poses by Luna Jubilee
Barnesworth Anubis by Barnesworth Anubis
Bounce This Poses by Bouncer Criss
[CIRCA] Living by Cherelle Capra - Shop Free*Style Sim Sponsor
.charme. by Patina Edwardstone
cheLLe by Chelle Carousel
Consignment by Wavie Haller
Deco by Orchid Zenovka
DEW by HelenSue Helendale
Digital Aura by Bats Mertel - Shop Free*Style Sim Sponsor
Digital Eyes by Morgan Kincess
Dilly Dolls by Oriana Kuhr
Duh! by Renee Harvy
Dulce Secrets by AnneAlyce Maertens
Eclectica by Tiffy Vella
Exposeur by RubyStarlight Writer
Fission by Lavea Alter
Flasher by Teshan2222 Wycliffe
Frozen by Weronika Pobieski
G Field by Cerberus Noel
Glam Affair by aida Ewing
[Hate This] by Corvus Szpiegel
HelaMayo by Miyoko Magic
HopScotch by Chandni Khondji
Icons of Style by Katia Millet
Jalwa by Chandra Masala
Koala by SleepingKoala Resident
La Petite Morte by Voshie Paine
Lastitude and Ennui by Jackal Ennui
Lumae by Lumiya Rae
Ma Vie by Mavi Beck
Mystic Sky by Skyler John
Pink Fuel by Mochi Milena
Remarkable Oblivion by AxsisThorn Resident
RezIpsa Loc by RezIpsa Luckstone
RnB Designs by Bethesa Hancroft
SaKiDe by Kinu Mayako
Sassy! by Ivy Burner
Savoir Faire Shapes by Hybie Mynx
Sn@tch by Ivey Deschanel
Somnia by Sanura Snowpaw
Spyralle by Kerryth Tarantal
Squeek! by Seraph Kegel
Stix by Pixy Snook
Tableau Vivant by TableauVivant Resident
The Stringer Mausoleum by Helena Stringer
[trs] by Manda Schmooz
Wertina by Weronika Pobieski
Zanzibar creationZ by Arora Zanzibar

Currently at Shop Free*Style - No Regular Inworld Presence  

[Blossom] by Khloe Nitely
E! Eclectic Apparel by Eclectic Wingtips
(Elate!) by Kellie Iwish
ellabella by ellantha Larsson
Entopy by Chaotic Monday
 Es' cusi by Qopi Resident
Butterfly Kiss Boutique by oOButterflyKissOo Resident
Buttery Toast by Faylinn Erin
Callie Cline by Callie Cline
HANDverk by Tobias Convair - Shop Free*Style Building Designer
Lolapop by Lola79 Hienrichs
Nzuri by Tracy Rubble
Picture This! Poses by KeliahAngelis Resident
Piddidle by Brutus Martinek
Plethora by plethorasl Resident
Rockerberry by Heather Beebe
Shape it Up! by Alexx Usbourne
SySy's by SySy Chapman

I got the first floor done, as well as a few of the non shop designers added in. I will be adding Media Links and Marketplace Stores over the course of the month, as time allows. Inworld Shop Locations will not be added, for the simple fact that people move too much.


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