Friday, 30 December 2011

It's The Last Fifty Linden Friday!

It's the very last Fifty Linden Friday event and I wanted to share one of my favourite bargains.

This fantastic gold dress is from Tres Blah and also comes in black, both for just 50 lindens until midnight Friday. Snapshot_002
I personally would like to thank OMGWTF Barbecue, the founder and organizer of Fifty Linden Fridays, and all of the amazing designers for offering so many specials to us over the past couple of years.  You gave us something fun to look forward to and I know I am not alone in saying that you will be missed. Congrats on a great run!

Style Notes
Hair: Lamb
Skin: Curio
Sunglasses: TFG past exclusive
Bangles: Mandala
Dress:  Tres Blah (FLF)
Killer Heels: Purrfect 10

An Echo brings mesh

Corny title, I know. Anyway, [Echo] has a new group gift in store that is mesh! I am amazed since this is a new shop. It is a cute pencil skirt that comes with a bow that you can add to it. The bow is not mesh though, just the skirt is. With that being said, I decided to show how it looks with the added bow and also how it looks without it too. It comes in average and curvy sizes as well, I am wearing the average here.
Join [Echo] Update Group for free, and touch the small bag on the table in store to get this skirt!

Echo group gift + Nyte'N'Day 10L top
-Top: Nyte'N'Day With Love Hunt gift (comes in two colors, easy to find and available until January 6, 2012! Remember that this is 10L)
-Pose: marukin - like a sweet sweet pea ( in a 1L box instore)

Dancing on table tops NYE '12

¡Hola, hello & HAPPY NEW YEAR, FELIZ AÑO NUEVO! It's been a long while, I know. Who cares. Anyway I have some GOODNESS for you, that I hope you like & pick up for yourself, or for a loved one ;]

Foto Uno:
Nails - Mstyle not free
Boots - WCI (West Cost Influenced) found on Marketplace 1L
Dress (jacket included): [W.w.W] found on Marketplace for 1L
Hair - Exile Sub. gift
Tattoo - Etch'd not free
Jewelry (necklace & earrings) - Aglaia found on Marketplace for 1L

Foto Dos:
Left skin - Modish found on Marketplace for 10L
Right skin - Mamboo Chic Group gift 300L join fee

Quickity Quick Quick

I am still ridiculously busy but I have a blog bug so I had to post some goodies!  My hair is a group gift from Alice Project.  There is an enrollment fee but it's so worth it!  Her new mesh hairstyles have me floored by the level of quality she brings.  This hair is basically a fat pack since it is color change and comes with streak, tip, etc. options.  My outfit is a VIP group gift from Mimikri.  I didn't even know she had a group gift until I checked to see if an item was able to be redelivered from her subscriber (it wasn't) so I checked for a regular group and there it was! 
My necklace is from Lolapop! and it isn't free but I have a thing for cameo-style necklaces so hey, I love it.  It was a review copy item so it isn't out yet and I didn't realize that until now so d'oh!  My skin is from my store, Adore&Abhor, and is NOT yet released but it will be out sometime in the next week so join the subscriber for release information!
Mesh Hair: Alice Project, VIP group gift (250L join fee)
Outfit (Includes pants, not shown): Mimikri, VIP group gift (200L join fee)
Necklace: Lolapop! @ Etheria, not out until January 1st
Skin: Adore&Abhor, will be released in the next week

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Did you have an amazing Christmas time? Mine was great but. ....

I put on weight, I got a cold and because of my running nose and sore throat I will have to stay in bed for New Year's Eve. Those are the consequences of my Christmas holidays. Still, I had a fabulous time at my family home! I missed SL a little bit tho. So I am glad to be back and to have a chance to blog again:)

Soooo....I have couple of hairstyles for you plus 4 skins from amazing designers (all for free of course) and much more:) Have a look:

Sweater - Emery, 0L$, check the "Holiday Board"
Scarf -  Emery, 0L$, check the "Holiday Board"
Teddy Bear - ::Ragdoll’s cut::, gifts under Christmas tree at Beachwood club, there are many amazing gifts sponsored by well known sl designers Dziękuję Efoonia!

Skins + hairstyles from the left:
Wer no 1: Hair - Lelutka, subscriber gift (loads od colors included, comes with a funny looking tiara but you can easily hide it inside the hair;) 
Skin - Al Vulo group gift
Wer no 2: Hair - Analog Dog, 0L$, comes in many colors plus there are two other hair for free too
Skin - Laq, subscriber gift (seriously, Laq never gives skins for free so you have to go and grab this one, other shades included in the pack)
Wer no 3: Hair - Exile, subscriber gift (another hairstyle available from subscriber) 
Skin - Al Vulo at Beachwood club (the same place as the teddy bear)
Wer no 4: Hair - another gift of Analog Dog
Skin - Belleza, yes! you will get it without a group fee under the Beachwood Christmas tree among other gifts 

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

A Winter Wonderland

So I have been super-busy lately with the holiday season and everything, I apologise I haven't posted anything sooner, but the super-awesome team here have been busy enough for me anyways!! Hope you all had a lovely Christmas/ Hanuka/ whatever it is you celebrate!! And, here's a few Christmas gifts I want to share with you before they are no longer available!

This stunning dress is the Christmas subscribo gift from G*field, the gift includes the necklace and some earrings (not worn). I love how pretty this is, and the detail gone into it is incredible. The dress is stunning, and there is just the perfect amount of movement in it to make it feel light and princess-y :)

The adorable skin is the Christmas group gift from Curio. Sorry if it looks a lil blurred on my main photo, I don't think my current shape carries it off as well as it should. It looks much better in the close-up though: ;)

Other details:

Skin: Curio ~ Happy Holiday 2011/ Petal (available in group notices, comes in all usual Curio tones. Group is Gala & Rita design announcements and is currently FREE to join!!),
Hair: Shag ~ Pretty Please/ Scarlet (headband is colour-change! This was sent out to Shag's subscribo grp a few days ago with another hair style. I'm not sure if its redeliverable, fingers crossed it is!!),
Earrings: Finsemith ~ Grace earrings (Winter gift, this was also a subscribo giftie!!!),
Dress & Necklace: G*Field (subscribo giftie),
Boots: Addict (previous hunt gift).

Happy Holidays!!

Trin xx

Monday, 26 December 2011


In my opinion there are only a handful of designers doing great mesh products and Jane is one of them.   Her products are also very reasonably priced, so if you are looking to try out mesh, I'd recommend Jane as one of your first stops.

Subscribo Gift Mesh Dress

Another great reason to stop by is the amazing subscribo gift which includes two version of mesh dresses.
  Subscribo Gift Mesh Dress

Also included in the subscribo gift is a hoodie and a cozy blanket wrap, perfect for the winter months. Just check history.

Style Notes
Hair: Lelutka (new!)
Skin: Curio
Jewellery: AM Atelier
Stilettos: Purrfect 10

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Waiting For Santa

Hi all!  There are so many wonderful gifts out right now to celebrate the holidays but all of here at Free*Style have been so busy we haven't covered a ton of them so I wanted to show a few things before I go to bed and wait for Sandy Claws.  This scarf is from Zeery and you can find it under the tree with loads of other gifts from the folks at Rue D'Antibes.  It has wonderful colors perfect for the winter.  My hair is from D!va and it is to celebrate 25,000 members (that is a huge group for SL!)  It comes with 2 bang (or fringe for you Euro types) options, long or short hair option, and a fat pack of colors.  Woo!  My skin is from Belleza and OMG CUTE ALERT.  I love red lips so I was all over this gift.  There is a male skin too!  My shirt might be free at Ivalde but it's a secret hidden items hunt so maybe not.  *Sneaky*  My earrings are from Hate Me and Eat Me and are not free but you can see the free set HERE at my other blog. :D
These boots clearly don't match this outfit but they are free from Lassitude&Ennui and they remind me of the girl from Nightmare Before Christmas so they work for a holiday post!  There is a male pair too.  Love!
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and thanks for reading!
Boots: Lassitude&Ennui, free
Shirt: Ivalde, free (OR MAYBE NOT, IT'S A SECRET.  They might change out the items so if it's not free anymore it's not my fault. D:  But look for the blue snowflakes for all the hidden free items.)
Skin: Belleza, group gift (250L join fee)
Hair: D!va, group gift
Scarf: Zeery, gift under the tree
Earrings: Hate Me and Eat Me (comes with necklace too, red color is free)

Friday, 23 December 2011

Ghost Woman

I just love when a look puts itself together.  I was wearing my white skin and this light blonde hair from Action when I opened the gift from Miamai and wore it.  All white with no plan to do so!  I felt like a ghostly woman and I had to run to Innsmouth and take a nice, spooky photo.  The items ARE white, the lighting just makes them look green, gray and pink, haha. 
I hope you like them as much as I do!
Dress: Miamai, VIP group gift (50L join fee I think)
Hair: Action, VIP group gift (250L join fee)
Skin: Adore&Abhor
Pose: Marukin

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Christmas Ladies

My true love gave to me...  Ladies Who Lunch!

You can not deny the power of a free gown.  That's right ladies, this is a gorgeous Christmas group gift from Ladies Who Lunch.  This is a holiday version of the Angel gown, and if you love feathers, you will go nuts over this gown!  Eva blogged this gown a few weeks ago in red.  It has quite a few parts that arent shown including pieces of feather that cover the entire corset and a feather shrug.  The corset itself is mesh and only comes in one size, so this is a great way to try it on and see how it fits before buying a full price model.

Style Notes:
Dress:  Ladies Who Lunch
Skin: Curio
Boots: G*Field
Hair: Purple Moon
Jewelry: Earthstones

(posted on behalf of Free*Style blogger Joie Arai who is experiencing some technical issues.  Great find Joie!)

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

More Holiday Stuff

CocoDoll has some new releases out for the lovely mesh doll avatar, including this gown and hooded cloak with hair (not free).

Free Mesh Rabbit Decor & Avatar!

But I really wanted to show you this amazing mesh holiday rabbit which is FREE at Cocodoll AND also comes as an AVATAR! Check it out :D

 AND, here's the perfect outfit to go exploring this holiday season.

Free Sweater & Snowshoes!

Miel is giving away these amazing snowshoes to their subscribo members. Grab them from the history. AND, this cute reindeer sweater is a gift from Bingo. It's free instore.

Style Notes
Hair w/hat:  Indi Designs
Cords:  Boom!
Socks: Izzie's
Mouth Mittens:  Leo NT

Sunday, 18 December 2011


Here are a few fantastic group gifts to get you in the holiday mood.

Group Gift Outfit

Chain and Vine is giving away this gorgeous high waisted skirt and matching cardigan. Check group notices. Some cute and reasonably priced stuff at this shop so make sure to drop by and check them out.
  Group Gift Tinsel Stilettos

Purrfect 10 is giving away these silver tinsel stilettos called 'Ice Queen' to their regular group members (free to join). Grab them instore. Ten Dexler from Purrfect 10 has also created something called the 'Skin Bible' which basically has  RGB values from all of the major skin designers in SL, a HUGE undertaking. What this means is, you'll be able to go down the list, find the name of the skin you are wearing, and copy the numbers in to local chat for a perfect (or Purrfect) match. This is only setup to work with P10 shoes. Find it with all of the P10 gifts and regular designs. Thanks Ten!

Style Notes
Hair: Fashionably Dead (new!)
Skin: Curio
Headpiece: Sange Noir

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Gizza in red for her & him

I love Gizza for the fact that they always give out group gifts for both men and women which features the same style and colors. So if you feel like looking as your partner's twin - now you can!

I have to be honest with you, I was really curious about the Christmas gifts of Gizza. I knew it was going to be somethings special and I am not disappointed.

Ladies can grab a feather red gown which looks beautifully but also extremely unfomfortable and heavy.  Thank God we dont have to bother about it in SL;)
And for you Gentlemens there is a very elegant outfit including black pants, red jacket, black shirt and red tie.

Zigana group gift tshirts

You probably did a double take at having Zigana and t-shirts in the same title! I did that myself the first time too haha. Anyway, Zigana has the tshirt that I am wearing as a group gift, for male and female. It also comes in all layers as well too! Join Zigana Update Group for free and check notices (it was sent today 12/17/2011)

Zigana group gift tshirt

-Hair: Fab-U-Lous Louise
-Skin: Ohna's (no longer available sorry)
-Eyes: Fashism
-Tattoo Lashes: Mock Cosmetics
-Nails: RezIpsa Loc
-Jeans: Miseria
-Pose: [socialANGtz] fotogenic II pose 3 

Friday, 16 December 2011

Was Santa A Biker?

Was Santa A Biker

OK, think about it logically.  Big fluffy beard, only works a couple days a year, Santa had to be a biker.  Santa is still in shape, going to the gym (story here),  hitting the clubs (story here), but but, don't click that second link if your easily offended by the sight of naked pixels.  I've had the SL morality patrol on my ass lately.

Anywho, Santa went for a ride, sporting some cheapies and freebies from some great stores in SL.

The Brown Patchwork Boots are a hunt item at Death Row Designs for the "A Depraved & Desolate Winter" hunt.  The hunt started December 15th, and runs through January 15th. 

The awesome helmet was a $20L gatcha win on the Razorblade Jacket SIM.  They have a street lined with gatcha machines for the holidays, with some really cool stuff for both guys and the biker chicks.  

OK, and the big find, for just reading this post.  Santa is wearing a "Santa Clause is Coming" tee made my me. (Bouncer Criss).  If you would like the tee, drop me a notecard in-world with your name on it, and I will send it to you! That easy.

Skin: LaVie - Complete Santa Avi (not including the beard)(Group Gift,  $250L to join) see the complete Santa Avi HERE
Shape: mine
Beard: dDx - Klause Beard (part of a 3 beard set at Men's Select. Four colors of each beard, so 12 beards for $90L until Dec 23rd.)
Pants: Buid - Black Baggy (not free)
Boots: dRd - Brown Patchwork Boots (hunt item)
Black tee: drop me a notecard in-world and I'll send it
Helmet: $20L gatcha machine on street on Depraved Nation SIM

OK, So what does Santa do after a long bike ride?  He takes a couple of biker chicks home for some actions.  If your offended (morality patrol!) don't click on the next page!! NUDITY!

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Too Cool For a Jacket

I just realized my av was wearing a winter hat but only a tee and it reminded me of those people you see on the coldest of cold days wearing like a coat and shorts or something.  So confusing.  But oh well!  My av is still awesome because it's not actually cold inside computer land.  To my knowledge anyway.  Anyway, my skin is the latest group gift from JeSyLiLo and it is love.  It's a great tone and has huge boobie cleavage.  Weeeeeee! I am aware my eyebrows don't match my hair color but I am having that issue in RL at the moment since I am late for my salon appointment so it's more realistic, eh? My hat-hair is a group gift in store from BC322. I usually am in the know with BC322 but at some point I had left the group for space and forgot to rejoin. D:  Luckily I saw THIS blog post in the F*S Flickr pool that reminded me I had been missing out.  So thanks Doudi and everyone check out her blog, it's nice.
Wintery Type Thing
My shirt is the December 3rd Advent calendar gift from Adore&Abhor at the KittyCats store.  Just click the board and you can get a free item everyday!  My eyelash tattoo layer is also from Adore&Abhor and is 10L on the wall at the main store. :D
Skin: JeSyLiLo, group gift in store
Hair: BC322, group gift in store
Eyelash Tattoo Layer: Adore&Abhor, 10L
Shirt: Adore&Abhor @ KittyCats, advent calendar gift in the center of the store
Eyes: A Netherworld, 50L
Tattoo: Actchio (could not find)

Christmas Hunt!

Ricielli has a great Christmas Hunt going on right now!

Hunt Gift

This skirt and jacket are both hunt finds.

Hunt Gift

All of the items are 15 L but it's well worth it for the quality items.

Hunt Gift

Plus it's nice that the designer gets a little something for giving us all of these wonderful gifts.

Hunt Gift

I hope you enjoy doing it as much as I did!

Style Notes
Hair: Ploom
Skin: Curio
Necklace: Icon
Shoes: Purrfect 10
Bag: Ison

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Cat Face, I Got a Big Cat Face

I watch too much Youtube.  Anyway, How cute is this little cat mask head decor from Ni.Ju?!  This girl always be making the cuteness.  Check her store for more goodies and deals and just plain good stuff for sale.  My shirt is from Tarnished and is part of the sim-wide hunt at Onyx Noir.  The hunt lasts through January 2nd so you have a bit of time to find all the prizes.  Items are scattered around the entire sim, some inside of stores and some just out and about.  Look for a cute lil' teacup.
My skin is from a newer skin store called Matrioska and is by the creator of Blue Blood.  It's not free but I really can't resist a skin in vamp pale with crazy makeup.  Seriously.  Especially one with cutesy doll-esque features.  Love!
OK here are the rest of the details for those that just skim the credits. xD
Cat Mask: Ni.Ju, group only lucky board (10 minute timer, board downstairs)
Shirt: Tarnished, Onyx Noir sim hunt gift
Skin: Matrioska
Blue Eyeliner: Adore&Abhor, 50L for a pack of four colors
Hair: Magika
Eyes: A.D.D Andel (color very slightly changed post-processing)

My Favorite Holiday "Stuff"

Most of my blogging time is spent on wearable items.  But without all the amazing "stuff" in SL, it would be as boring at the platform where I spend most of my SL time.  Lots of awesome creators of home items, animations and other things that make SL fun have jumped on the holiday bandwagon by either participating in hunts, advent calendars, 12 days of Christmas, and other ways and I wanted to take the time to feature some of my favorites.  This is in no way an exhaustive list but a few I found worth the trips around the grid.
I would be completely remiss if I didn't start with FD Decor.  My friend, Fallacy DeCuir, has her entire sim decked out with holiday goodies.  I swear it has more stuff than Bronner's Christmas Wonderland in Frankenmuth, Michigan, which is a place my grandparents lived near when I was a child and once caused my then 5 year old son to have his first anxiety attack, which he remembers to this day as "chest".  If any of you know Fallacy, she tries to make off as if she is some scary mean girl but I think she is a doll and anyone that makes little flowers with happy faces definitely has a bark worse than her bite.  You have to go there if only to see her sim.  When you get over the shock and find the main store, you will find several lucky chairs and lucky presents with awesome prizes.  She also has a log cabin in the Midnight Mania as well as participating in several hunts.
Next is C&D Designs.  Lovely Cherelle Capra, sister of Helena Stringer, fellow Free*Styler and maker of wild hair (we miss her terribly), has been creating for as long as I can remember.  Cher frequently sends out gifts to her subscriber groups (supposedly a big one is coming as soon as tomorrow).  She also has some spectacular items out in hunts right now.  The two builds in the collage are hunt items.  She also is participating in Royal Living's Snowman Hunt, which ends on the 15th.  Those items cost 45 L each but are huge gifts worth hundreds more.  I apologize for forgetting to take a photo.  Cher also has an advent calendar at her store for members of her inworld group.  The cost of each of those items is 1 - 10 L.  The group is free to join now until 12/24.  The group will have a fee after that and an extra special gift is planned for December 25 so get in now if you have the space.
Lots of bloggers have been showing items for the With Love Hunt.  It is one of my favorite hunts right now and I will easily shell out 10 L for such high quality items.  This includes a sample of some of the non-avatar items, though I did want to also mention Adorkable and Status, who have really nice pose packs in the hunt.
Page Eames from LaFlat gave me permission to use her and Plurabelle Laszlo of Bliensen&MaiTai's ad texture for their 12 days of Christmas event which began today.  The two designers will provide free gifts for the next 12 days at their adjoining shops.  I adore these two women and highly recommend the visit.
A new place to me, Dirty Little Secret, has a in-store hunt going on through the 25th with 10 prizes to find.  I am showing one, the tree stump lounger, but there are others from furniture to cuffs/collars.  They are hidden in the store and enclosed area as well as the skybox store.

Baby Monkey's 12 days of Christmas begins tomorrow with this gift.  Yeah, this stuff is wearable but this is always a very popular event and includes shoes and accessories.  It is free to everyone.  The group is currently closed to new members as there is a big celebration but make sure to check out the numerous lucky boards, the midnight mania as well as super-cheap (like 10 L) cute shoes during your visit.  You can find the item hidden in one of the ornaments on the tree.  Pixieplumb Flanagan has told me she will keep each gift up for a few days in order to give more people a chance to get them.  A new gift will be added daily.

Other places I've really enjoyed this holiday season have been the Advent Calendar at KittyCats, which Sileny mentioned in a previous post.  All items are free and I was able to get past gifts which I had missed, which was a really nice feature.   Also, Sway's, as in previous years has a fantastic advent calendar.  Her's are a bit challenging because you have to go find the hints but it has definitely been worth it.  Zacca and nonino have joined in this year and made it really special.  Adorkable has also been giving out a free pose every day during the holiday season and there are still several more to pick up.  She is also participating in the With Love and POE hunts so she is offering an insane amount of free poses right now.

All these designers have put in countless hours at little to no compensation to provide us with wonderful gifts.  When I think about where to spend my lindens, I feel it's important to support folks like the people I've written about above.  Give back if you can!

FD Decor Collage: (clockwise from flowers): Candy Cane Hunt, POE Hunt, Lucky Chair Prize, Traditional Christmas Hunt, Lucky Chair, Lucky Chair, Lucky Chair.

C&D Designs: (clockwise from fishing shack): POE Hunt, H&G Traditional Christmas Hunt, Subscriber gift (today), packaging (sometimes I love this as much as the gift! Am I alone out there in this?)

With Love Hunt: (clockwise from Lamp Post): each item 10 L
Lost Angel: Winter Street Lamp: multipose
Awesome Blossom: Madison Loft Skybox
Artilleri: Bixleta Toaster Fatpack
Intrigue Co.: Unicorn Carosel (w/ and w/o rainbow - but why wouldn't you?)
oOo Studio: Cozy: multipose
Hanaya: Canadian Cedar Greenhouse (winter)
Adorkable Poses (not pictured)
Status Poses (not pictured) sim seems to be down!  Look up Gidge Uriza's profile, leave her random IM's and find the store location in her picks.

LaFlat/Bliensen & MaiTai 12 days/12 gifts

Dirty Little Secret: 2011 Holiday Hunt

Baby Monkey 12 Days of Christmas - begins TOMORROW

Monday, 12 December 2011

Mix of Stuff

Hi guys!  I'm still ultra busy but I wanted to show you some stuff.  This pose is one of several you can get from STaTus.  The group is currently free to join and they send out regular gifts.  Pretty awesome! The clock is one of the KittyCats advent gifts, this one from Intrigue Co.  It's cute and the eyes and tail swing back and forth.  Basically you just go to the KittyCats store and click the dates on the board in the center of the store and each date gives you a new gift.  Everyday there is a new one but you can get the past days too.  My bodysuit and skin are from Adore&Abhor and are 100L each for the Twisted Krissmuss event.  We also have a new release item out for around 50L each day through Christmas.
Gifties and other goodies
My hair is free from Fab-u-lous has a Christmas gift.  Very cute and several colors are included.  My eyes are from A Netherworld.  The red and green eyes are free right now and the red eyes are only 50L.  They are prim eyes so you can mix and match like I did or wear the matching ones.  other colors available too. :)
Skin and Bodysuit: Adore&Abhor, 100L each for Twisted Krissmuss
Hair: Fab-u-lous, free
Prim eyes: A Netherworld, free and 50L
Pose: STaTus, group gift (one of several)
Clock: Intrigue Co., KittyCats advent calendar gift

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Blond in blue

I noticed this gorgeous dress at Evelin Felwitch's blog. Since then I can not take it off:). I thought it will go perfectly with a pair of earrings which you can get for absolutely free at Wertina store. Also it matches the eyeshadow from a dollarbie skin of Mother Goose's. As the skin is rather pale I decided to go blond. The updo blond style is from Heart Softens. In the pack you will also find a wedding dress with accessories and another version of these hair. Happy shopping!


Skin: Mother Goose's HENA-III_(B) 1L
Hair: *HS* group gift 
Dress: .:DC:. Faith for POE 4
Earrings: Wertina, Winter special group gift

Friday, 9 December 2011

With (mesh) Love

Eden did a great preview on some of the hunt items already for the With Love (again) Hunt, but I picked up some of the mesh stuff and I wanted to share because I'm so amazed. The hunt started today and ends January 6th, so you have some time to find these things.
First item I'm sharing is the dress from ISON. It comes with glitch layers, and uses standard sizing.
The other item are the wedges from Leverocci. Check out the close up below!
(Reminder: each hunt item is 10L each, and you can find direct slurls and hints here. Both of these items are very easy to find as well!)

With (mesh) love - Ison + Leverocci
-Hair: Truth Pandora
-Skin: Heartsick Devotion - Destiny
-Eyes: Fashism
-Tattoo Lashes: Mock Cosmetics
-Poses: Frooti (from mixed bag 2)

A Very Beary Christmas!

I'm just jumping in really quick to show you this adorable polar bear decor from MiaSnow.  MiaSnow is an awesome designer and her store has been one of my faves for a looooong time.  I often show her skins, makeup, clothes, accessories, etc. but now it's time to show a little something different.  The bear sits on top of a little snow pile and some snowy, glowy grass with all kinds of fun sparklies.  The star flashes colors.  The colors are pretty vibrant but for some reason all my snapshots captured the star when it was in mid-blink and dark. -.-  Anyway, grab it free in the Midnight Mania board at MiaSnow main store!  The target is only 99 so go fast before it locks.
Beary Christmas!
I plan on showing more of the awesome not free goodness from MiaSnow on my other blog but OMG December is such a busy month when you own a store and do events!!!!  Sooo tired.  *Passes out.*  See you guys!

Thursday, 8 December 2011

On Your Mark...With Love

I'm back with some more previews from the With Love Hunt that begins Friday, December 9.  The Hunt, sponsored by Chic Management, runs through until January 6.  The cost of each item is only 10 L and each is valued to be worth at least 400 L.  So far I've only shown women's items but there are several unisex items, some items uniquely male, houses, poses, etc so you guys have not been forgotten. Details about the items will be in credits so that I can move on and take more photos for tomorrow.  (If the pricing info is not noted it is not part of the hunt or an available cheapie.)
/me tosses bunnies from Tesh's post everywhere!


Bodysuit: Pididdle: Netted Leotard: 10 L for 2 colors for With Love Hunt
Skin: Plastik: Aleria; Starfish - With Love: 10 L for a HUGE bunch of goodies for With Love Hunt (eyes and stocking are also part of the present!)
Earrings: Pididdle: bellballs - tropical
Shoes: G Field: Ribbon Slingback Shoes
Hair: LOQ Hair: Ouzo: Subscriber gift: Fatpack!
Poses: BehaviorBody

Shirt: RezIpsa Loc - Cut-out Sweater, Black: 10 L for 3 colors for With Love Hunt
Skirt: Priss: Flare-Waister Fur Skirt
Bangle: Philo: Tri Bracelet: 10 L for With Love Hunt - sim must be down -- will update slurl
Skin: YS&YS: N Desiree Love Hunt (no teeth version): 10 L for 2 version for With Love Hunt
Boots: YS&YS: Tiburon TDR Ankleboots: past TDR, check store for availability
Hair: Wasabi Pills: Magician Hair - Rye: New Release! Hat settings modifiable via HUD
Poses: Adorkable: Chill Dork Pack: 10 L for With Love Hunt (check out her advent poses and POE poses too!)

Dress/Hat/Bag: Gizza: The With Love Special: 10 L for With Love Hunt
Skin: BohoBeauty: Sloan - Milky - Frost Bite: 10L for With Love Hunt: This skin was premiered at Vintage Fair and now you can pick this version up for a steal!
Shoes: Armidi: Barcelona Slingback - Prussian Blue
Necklace: Carolines: Audrey Pearl Necklace in White - Silver - have you seen her gorgeous pieces for collabor88?
Hair: [e]: Soft - was at Nov. Collabor88
Poses: Status: Love Poses: 10 L for With Love Hunt

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Christmas at Seldom Blue

This cute lingerie in blue is waiting for You girls for just 1l$ at Seldom Blue store. It features lovely, shiny fabrics and is full of sparkling attachements.


Also as a Christmas Special you will have a chance to grab a red long gown in a reduced price. Surely worth checking out!

Magic Nook Goes Winter White 'n' Coal Black for Style Academy!

My friend and most versatile creator Ayumi Cassini has graciously dropped one of her most beautiful gifts yet on all you Style Academy fashionista readers: these lusciously fluffy, color-change, triple-feather earrings (choose between winter white or coal black for each feather) -- i.e., Ayumi displaying her usual mastery of exquisite details, including the tiny "spine" in each puffy feather -- an impeccably elegant creation that's now yours for $1L. *mwuahs Ayumi Cassini* My bundled-up look today features more splashes of winter white fitting for the snowy climes ahead, including this dramatic free zebra coat by PurpleMoon Creations + some new 2-tone peeptoes by Mstyle. A smex Truth pony + 2 necklaces added some extra girlie to this serious black 'n white color palette. In other news, I've fallen in luhs with a few free holiday finds that I thought were 'specially cute. Check out this free "ornaments mobile" silver wireframe tree (the li'l candy canes + gingerbread men actually twirl around!) How cozy to watch while cuddling up to this free flickering fireplace, decked out with pine cone candle stands, a Noel sign + a framed rabbit picture adorned with mistletoe too (I placed the picture in another part of our house). This gorge free fruit potted plant is only 2 prims; it's yet another gift at the same place you can grab the ornaments tree. This is a great touch of color at a cheap prim cost; I tucked these little potted trees into the brick corners of our home. Finally, I just wanted to say a very heartfelt thank-you to Ayumi Cassini + our devoted Style Academy readers for helping us grow our li'l fashionista + photography-centric feed so quickly this year. It's been deeply inspiring to me personally to see everyone's continued pursuit of excellence in their photography and styling, and you've certainly tickled our socks off with your generosity and superkind words of support! We hope to continue trying to bring you little gifts like these as a very small thanks for supporting our li'l labor of blogging love :O)  

Style Academy love + fashionista kisses to all!
Teshan2222 Wycliffe  
(who hasn't started her RL holiday shopping yet, as per usual!)

Triple feather, color-change earrings: [MAGIC NOOK] - Bird Of Paradise Earrings (Pure & Noir) - Style Academy gift (walk behind curtain thing; near study desk) - $1L *mwuahs Ayumi Cassini* 
Zebra coat: PurpleMoon Creations - POE4 Globe #110 - Zorali Coat and Ankle Boots in Zebra for POE4 - find/buy globe for $0L; HINT: brrrr it's cold in here, let's huddle by the stove! - free  
Hair: Truth - Petra w/Roots - espresso *mwuahs Truth Hawks* 
Shoes: Mstyle - DIDI Pumps - White/Black (new!) *mwuahs Mikee Mokeev*
Charm necklace: [MAGIC NOOK] - Moon River Necklace (Gold/Pearl) *mwuahs Ayumi Cassini* 
Pearl necklace: (Yummy) @ Collabor88 - Simple Pearl Necklace *mwuahs Polyester Partridge*  
Tights: Izzie's - Tights vector zebra Socks: House of Fox - Color.Me.H.O.F [LazyBoySocks[White] R Leg (new!) *mwuahs Fashionboi Landar* 
 Skirt: House of Fox - Color.Me.H.O.F - [BooshySkirt[Black] *mwuahs Fashionboi Landar*  
Shirt: Pink Outfitters - [Pink] Poppy Sheer Chiffon Blouse Skin: LAQ - Tekla - [Milky] - 02 
Pose:  Bingo (new!) *mwuahs Katx Kirax*  
Fireplace w/ pine cone lights: LISP Bazaar - LISP - Winter Fireplace (includes pine cone candle lights, Noel sign & rabbit framed photo - touch fire for on/off fire/smoke/etc - buy signs near landing point for $0L; available in 2 colors - free 
Wireframe rotating ornaments tree (13 prims!): Frog's Garden - ::FG:: Xmas tree - gingerbread man /L (frame) - group gift (join group for $0L + buy sign near tree) - free 
Fruit tree (2 prims!) - Frog's Garden - ::FG:: summer gift 2011 - group gift (join group for $0L + buy sign near tree) - free

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

With Love Hunt Preview

Hi all!  One of the best hunts of the year begins on Friday!  Chic Management is sponsoring it's fifth hunt, the Wish Love Again Hunt, which begins December 9 and runs until January 6.  At least 100 stores will be participating and the purpose of the hunt is to thank everyone for support throughout the year.  There is no specific theme so thankfully (I say) the hunt is not full of santa teeshirts.  Each item in the hunt will be 10 Lindens and most stores will have just one item.  I was lucky enough to get a preview of some of the items and hopefully will show a few of my favorite items over the next several days.

I really liked the little black cocktail dress from Kunglers.  I undersaturated the large photo a bit so that you can get a good look at the ruffles that cover the shoulders and skirt of this dress.  It has a little v-cut at the neckline which I think gives it a nice current touch.  I decided to go for an edgy look and found some skin and accessories that are currently available.  I love the Gio (Black Snow) Skin at TDR right now. My ex-partner always hated when I would wear skin like this but I just love it.  I guess the skin won!  Lovely, lovely Brutus Martinek from Pididdle has the Unicorn Horn sets at Zombie Popcorn's Dark Winter Magic event that runs through the 15th.  I love the jewelry Brutus is making these days. It's fun, recklessly individual and tres glam!  As far as edgy, you can't get much edgier than Purrfect 10's new killer heels.  Not free but each pair includes an additional black pair and group members get an additional 25% off the purchase price.

Dress: Kunglers: FLW Hunt Dress: 10 L available Dec 9.
Earrings: Pididdle: Unicorn Horn Earrings Black/Silver: not free - available at DWM event thru Dec 15.
Shoes: Purrfect 10: Killer Heels: not free, but black included with each color pair + group discount
Skin: Glam Affair: Gio Black Snow: crazy cheap (70L) at The Dressing Room right now
Hair: Mirone: Ceria : not free