Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Lingerie Tuesday

So, I was in Nomine yesterday and they have this super-smexy lingerie set currently in the MM, which I just had to show you. I was also really lucky and found my 100% match on the fortune teller there and won these amazing 'Tortured tights', which I am wearing with the MM undiesssss.


Undies: Nomine ~ Sasha (FREE - current MM prize!),
Tights: Nomine ~ Tortured tights (Lucky Fortune Teller prize, FREE if you can find your 100% match to grab these!!),
Hair: Loq ~ Vodka (L$70 currently @ The Dressing Room Blue for 4 colours),
Necklace: Glow ~ Bulletproof (Currently offered @ The Dressing Room for L$70 or less),
Shoes: Nardcotix ~ Gloria Wedges (Currently offered @ The Dressing Room for L$70 or less).

Monday, 28 November 2011

Intergalactic Planetary

I know this picture is bright but hey it's an excuse to wear sunglasses indoors. :P  I just felt like I needed something super spacey to show off the free Galaxy outfit from Sakide.  The outfit includes the lingerie with several options to wear, a ring and earrings.  It's pretty easy to find too!  My pose is one of many you can get from Status for Moody Monday.  Only 55L for packs of 5 poses.  Dang good deal.  The creators are bloggers so you know they will work wonders in photos.

Outfit: Sakide, Diamond is Mine hunt gift
Pose: Status, 55L for a pack of 5 poses for Moody Mondays
Skin: Fashionably Dead
Hair: Lamb
Lipstick Tattoo: Adore&Abhor (not yet released)
Prim Eyes: Tacky Star

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Lets go and grab those freebies!

I've just realised that when I was starting my sl adventure it was so extremely hard to find really good quality stuff for free. When now, you can basically collect a full avatar for 0L$ and look like million dollars. Here are few new items I added to my large freebie collection:):
Hair - Analog dog, 0L$ (there are few other hairstyles for free, freebies are hidden among regular vendors)
Outfit - TSH #41 Sassy! Hunt, 0L$
Skin - Al vulo, group gift
Bag - u.f.o., 0L$
Jewelry - NHA! -Gift 1000 member, 0L$

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Guys Don't Make Passes at Girls that Wear Glasses

or apparently, they don't make passes at me!  Anyways, for all the Yanks, I hope your holiday was a good one.
I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Annabelle Couturier the designer and owner of Cannibelle.  She is a sweetheart and makes lovely lingerie and tattoos.  What really impresses me about her work is that she her items have not only all clothing layers but include a tattoo layer so the items are so versatile.  The sets shown here are available for Black Friday for only 20 L each.  There is another set, Kitty, that is a cute retro look as well as the Efa tattoo, which I completely forgot to shoot in my post Thanksgiving daze, that are also available for 20 L. Claudine and Kitty will not be sold after this event, which ends Sunday at Midnight SLT.  Agnes will be unavailable in black as of Monday and the Efa tattoo will be full price as of Monday.
Sileny TP'd me to December to nab these awesome unisex retro frames off the lucky board.  I really fell in love with December after picking up her items at our 444 event and these are some of the best version of this style that I've seen in SL.  You must be a member to win the glasses but the group is free to join.  Sileny is still waiting for an S so pop over there after you get the goodies at Cannibelle and help her out!

Lingerie: Cannibelle: Claudine (top) and Agnes (lower): 20 L each and available only for the Black Friday event.  Be sure to pick up the subscriber gift and the freebie while you are there!
Glasses: December: No. 75: lucky board gift - group members
Hair: [e]: Away
Skin: LAQ: Ebba
Makeup: Miamai: Les Makeups Lashes
Pose Set: Diesel Works: PolyWall

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Poetic Warmth

Sileny gave us the heads up about this amazing freebie at Mr. Poet, a mesh cardigan available in three colors.

Free Mesh Cardigan

It's for the guys but as you can see, it works on us girls too. Find it in black, blue, and this grey color. It's beautiful.

Style Notes
Hair: 69
Skin: Curio
Tee: Coco
Jeans: Ibizarre
Boots: Kao

Monday, 21 November 2011


I love this scarf. And you can't imagine how happy I was to find this lovely accessories shop called Zeery. Each line of scarves or gloves or every other products includes one color which is discounted. It is a great deal for every single accessories lover :)

Skin - Al Vulo, DIMH3, 0L$
Dress - Ducknipple, DIMH3, 0L$
Bag - Indyra Originals, DIMH3, 0L$
Scarf - Zeery, 5L$
Hair - Truth

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Get Cozy

Meena has some really pretty gifts out including this shawl, perfect for the chilly months.

Free Scarf & Group Gift Boots

I'm showing it with the new group gift for Vinyl Cafe Addicts, these legwarmer leather boots. Find them at the main location here.

Group Gift Leather Legwarmer Boots

Style Notes
Hair: Boon (new!)
Skin: Curio
Shirt: The Secret Store
Jeans: Emery

Friday, 18 November 2011

Celoe: Lelutka Branches Out

The team from Lelutka is launching a brand new brand, Celoe and to celebrate they are giving Celoe group members this gorgeous mesh dress!

Group Gift Mesh Dress

You can only see it properly in mesh enabled viewers. I love it!

Group Gift Mesh Dress

Here's the link to the Celoe group which is free to join. The store is set to open later this week. Can't wait!

Style Notes
Hair: Boon
Skin: Curio
Necklace: Glow Studio
Stilettos: Purrfect 10

Super Cool

Hey guys, what's up?  I'm just sitting here cross eyed and mouth open like super cool and stuff.  xD 
al vulo anypose_003
If you want to look this goofy and awesome check out the Anypose HUD.  OK, well, maybe you don't want to look goofy.  Maybe you just want to have your eyes look straight ahead without positioning some box and trying to focus on it or taking 12,000 photos until you get one that's looking forward.  Well, this free HUD can do it for you!  I was told about this HUD on Plurk and when I tried it I couldn't believe my eyes.  Well, couldn't believe they were looking forward without any hassle, that is.  I'm showing the HUD on my screen so you can get an idea of all the things it can do.  You can alter hand position, facial expression and eye position.  This is completely necessary for any blogger or anyone who takes photos regularly.  I haven't been this excited about something in a long time.  And it's freeeeeeee!
al vulo anypose_004
The gorgeous skin I am wearing is from Al Vulo and it's a group gift at the store.  This store gives out regular gifts and they are always top notch.  I am really loving their items so buy some stuff too while you're there to keep the gifts coming, haha.  I took straight SL shots without editing them at all (other than a bit of vignette at the corners and a black frame and cropping, nothing that affects the actual product) so you can see how nice it is. :)
Skin: Al Vulo, group gift
Hair: Truth
HUD: Anypose @ Marketplace, free
Prim Lashes: Redgrave
Tattoo Lashes: Adore&Abhor (part of a pack)

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Booty Rockin'

OK that title doesn't really have anything to do with this post other than I thought these shorts from C'est Moi made my av's hips look super good.  Haha!  All these colors are making me feel super early 90s and I am cool with that. I'm also cool with this free big fat braid from D!va!  I haven't had hair long enough to do a style like this in RL in a long time and FINALLY I can get awesome braided do's!  I don't have to be as jealous of my av now. :P  Though I am still pretty jealous of her bangin' bod. :D
My tank top is from Somnia and it's a gift at the Seraphim HQ.  I was going through my recent items tab trying to find something from the last week to match stripes.  I had plaid, polka dots, leopard print...you name it.  I almost gave up and scrapped the outfit when I saw that not only were these tops free they were in a plain fabric AND in more than one color.  Somnia saved the day!  To finish off my crazy color explosion I chose to wear this skin from Mother Goose with over the top blue eyeshadow.  Not just for grannies anymore!
Hair: D!va, group only lucky board prize
Skin: Mother Goose's, 1L
Shirt: Somnia @ Seraphim HQ, Seraphim Readers Group gift
Shorts: C'est Moi @ Vintage Fair, 75L (part of an outfit)
Pose: Marukin @ Collabor88, 88L for a pack

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Attention! Attention!

OK guys check out this awesome free dress from Ivalde at Vintage Fair! I had to get your attention somehow to promote this event, right? There aren't very many gifts at the event because it is meant to focus on the quality products for sale, which I hope to highlight. There are some great deals and limited edition items so make sure you wander around the whole place. It's pretty laggy right now but it runs into December so you have plenty of time to experience the entire event.

My hair and skin aren't free but they are also available at Vintage Fair. If you want to see more on the Vintage Fair from our own fabulous Free*Style bloggers check the links below! I'll try to update it when more posts are done if my scatterbrained self can remember. :D


http://slexyfashionista.blogspot.com/2011/11/vintage-flair.html and http://slexyfashionista.blogspot.com/2011/11/pie-o-my.html

Dress: Ivalde, free @ Vintage Fair. Also includes skirt layer option.
Hair: Sugarsmack @ Vintage Fair
Skin: Heartsick @ Vintage Fair
Nail Polish Glove Layer: RezIpsa Loc @ Kozmetika

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Lets go mushroom hunting!

There's a hunt running now called Mushroom Hunting, with only 38 stores in it is a small but fun hunt to do with many great items to be found! This hunt ends on 20th November and you are looking for a green mushroom with white spots. Here I am wearing mostly gifts from the hunt. The beautiful hair I'm wearing is elikatiras' latest Collab88 cheapie, L$88 for each colour pack. I am also wearing Glam Affairs' latest The Dressing Room skin, which is L$70.


Cardigan: Sticky Fingers ~ My autumn leaves cardigan (Mushroom hunting gift),
Jeans: Bubble ~ Fall Skinny Ripped pants (Mushroom Hunting gift),
Boots: Willow ~ Creek Maccasins (Seasons Hunt fall gift, now over, sorry),
Scarf: Sweet Leonard ~ autumn scarf (Mushroom Hunting gift),
Skin: Glam Affair ~ Gio/Natural/Fall (L$70 @ The Dressing Room),
Shape: ANATOMY ~ special shape (Mushroom hunting gift),
Hair: elikatira ~ Soft (L$88 @ Collabor88),
Lipstick: Jesylilo ~ Gloss/Pink (I love cupcakes hunt, ends December 1st),

Pose is by Olive Juice and is their current item for 50l Friday, 16 poses included for just L$50! Grab it before it goes (Was still out at the time of posting this).

Happy hunting!!


Friday, 11 November 2011

MenStuff Hunt Has Begun!!

MENstuff Hunt

The MENstuff Hunt kicked off today!  There are 150 vendors total in the hunt and it lasts until December 25th.  

I went to a handful of my favorite stores today, and this is what I picked up.  Guys!!  There is no excuse to look like ASS on SL anymore, I put this together in 30 minutes in just the few stores I went to.

The skin is from Egoisme, the hair is from MADesigns, the shirt is from Gizza, and the pants are from Connors.  I am also wearing a pair of boots from Duh, that you can't see.  All for free!!  

Check out the MENstuff Hunt page HERE 

There are shapes and more to be had, just go look for the blue shirt hunt item.  

* ban face lights forever! 

Check out my personal blog at PIXEL PHASION 4 MEN

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Discounted and free

Hair - Dura, group gift
Dress - The Sea Hole, Soft Exposure @ Collabor88
Shoes - YS&YS, Milano Pumps @ TDR
Coat - Just Because, group gift

Skin - Al Vulo

Do I Have To?

Yes.  Yes you do.  You need to get this bodysuit from Mons! :D  It comes with zebra or leopard print option.  Maybe it will bring out the wild side in you!  Or maybe you can just pretend to have a wild side while you sit at home on the computer worried about the spider sitting above your front door that you hope doesn't fall on your husband when he comes home so that he unknowingly brings it into the bed while you are sleeping and then it crawls into your mouth. D:  OK.  *Cough*  Moving on.
The hair is from LaLa Moon and the gift includes a whole bunch of colors.  Yay!  The rest of my look is available at Vintage Fair, which doesn't open until the 11th.  More info. below!
Bodysuit: Mons, group gift in store
Hair: LaLa Moon, free
Skin: Heartsick @ Vintage Fair.  Comes with lots of brow/freckle/cleavage/etc. options!
Eye Makeup and Brows: La Malvada Mujer @ Vintage Fair.  Comes with multiple options for lips/eyes/brows/skin tone/etc.
Eyes: Rozena @ Vintage Fair (free)

No slurls for Vintage Fair yet, sorry!

Monday, 7 November 2011


Here's the brand new group gift for Vinyl Cafe Addicts, available only at the main location here.

Group Gift Military Jacket

Style Notes
Hair: Loq
Jeans: Jane
Nails: Mandala
Earrings: Mandala
Socks: League
Shoes: MStyle


Hucci has this stylish new dress out as a subscribo gift. Grab it in store.

Subscribo Gift

I'm showing it with the wicked new mesh boots from Slink (not free but totally worth it). They come in a bunch of colors and are pretty amazing, don't you think?

Style Notes
Hair: Lelutka
Skin: Curio
Bag: Lelutka
Glasses: Shade Throne
Necklace: LaGyo

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Mock scarves meet a 1L skin

Many people have said it over and over again that Mocksoup Graves is very generous. I could go on and on about that but I wanted to show two beautiful scarves that she has made and sent to her group yesterday (November 5, 2011). Join M.O.C.K. Cosmetics group for 250L and check notices to get these scarves and more things in notices (many more things)!
Also, I put up a 1L skin on marketplace that I am wearing below. It will forever be 1L, as a way of saying thanks, and giving back for all of the support that I have received :)

Mock free scarves + 1L skin

-Hair: Sugarsmack : Bunni
-Eyes: Fashism
-Tattoo Lashes: Mock Cosmetics
-Tops: Whippet & Buck Cole Boatneck Tops (Zombie & Finch)
-Nails: RezIpsa Loc Ash Nails (part of Autumn nails pack)
-Pants: Beetlebones Celli Cuffed Pants (Black)
-Pose: (marukin) living on beatles and drugs

Friday, 4 November 2011

Creatures were Stirring

Almost everything is marked down by 50% at Evie's Closet right now.  Some of the most gorgeous, delicately textured fantasy clothes you will ever find and so many at half price.  The outfit I'm wearing above happens to be FREE.  It is the Midnight Mania there which when I looked just a little bit ago still had lots of slaps left...probably because you have to find it!  Look for the Vintage section and you will find it.  It is a special version of Amerie's Bower, which I fell in love with at Fashion for Life earlier this year.  I picked up the crown and collar set for some ridiculously low price.  There are some exclusions to the sale: the newest release, bridal, kids, vintage (which is already inexpensive).   Before I forget, there is also a sale at Red Mint and includes even her newest skin, No. 07, which I am wearing above.  I love it's fierce realism.  I'm a sucker for my sweet faced Eden but sometimes I just need to be something else and this skin gives me that without having to slap you in the face with it.
If you ever see me out and about in SL I'm usually in some mishmash from blogging and sorting and often shoeless, sad to say but true.  But I could not, would not resist the Lumina Nymph outfit from Evie's.  I am ready to forsake all my clothing and spend the rest of my SLife in it even though I have nowhere to wear it.  The textures are divine, the dainty placement of beads that resemble droplets from the sea, the flow as it moves and no fish feet!  I am sure there are some of you out there who understand completely that love of something so beautiful it MUST be in your collection.  I suggest you all go down to Evie's and get one before the sale ends.

Outfit: Evie's Closet: Amarie's Bower (Midnight Mania Version): Free
Jewelry: Evie's Closet: Tuala -Antique: 50 % off
Skin: Red Mint: No.07 (1) Tan: 50 % off
Hair: LOQ: Liquer: not free
Outfit: Evie's Closet: Lumina Nymph - Aqua: 50 % off
Skin: LAQ: Tess2
Hair: [e] Break

Thursday, 3 November 2011

It's getting cold...

But I have a perfect solution for a chilly day - warm outfit which you can get at FA Creation. It's a dollarbie and it's hidden in a one US dollar note (behind sofa cushions). Outfit includes: pants, socks, jacket, top and boots. And this little, white fellow comes from a marketplace store called ::relaxin':: and doesn't cost a thing:).

Skin - Al vulo!
Hair - Elikatira
Shape - Wertina

Wednesday, 2 November 2011


Skin - Glam Affair, group gift (30L$ fee to join)
Tunic - C'est moi, group gift
Shoes - C'est moi, group gift
Leg tattoo - Bonne Chance,  SPH gift #8

Hair - Truth
Shape - Wertina