Sunday, 31 July 2011



Free/Cheap (items available at the time of posting):
Skin--Mango, Mango! !MM! Triangles Vamp-Blonde Frex CL (50L special)
Hair--[ploom] Oro - Espresso (100L color packs, 600L fat packs, half off sale ends today, hurry!)
Eyes--negaposi <<< np >>> Silent eyes - RUST (30L per set, includes prim eyes)
Lashes--[ glow ] Devilicious 00 (50L, The Dresssing Room)
Necklace--Dark Mouse Victorian Beads w/Sparkle - Black/ (45L Albero Summer Gacha Festival)
Undershirt--JANE - sheer blush (50L for a 3 pack)
Blouse--[Sassy Kitty Designs] Flowy Top White (1L, FTLO Scavenger Hunt)
Pants--*Fishy Strawberry* Private Education Blush Leg (part of Private Education outfit, 70L, The Dressing Room)

Not free/disounted (check stores for other gifts):
Facial tattoo--La Malvada Mujer
Body tattoo--Para Designs
Pose--Olive Juice


Posted by Abra Zelin

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Blast From the Past

I've been watching way too many 80s and early 90s movies lately. I felt like doing a post sort of like the bad kids in those movies. I know I wore these gloves in my last post but I am kind of addicted to them. :P
90s ftw
Jacket: CoCo, group gift
Pants: Ohmai!, 1L (includes three colors)
Tank Top: Randomocity, group gift (other colors, with and without blood hehe, available for sale.)
Hair: Hinako
Lipstick: Mango, Mango!, free
Skin: Adam N Eve
Glasses: Solidea Folies, not free but AWESOME. Each lens changes color individually!!
Gloves: Green Tea Pudding, lucky board prize
Bracelet: Sn@tch, 7Seas fishing prize
Pose: Marukin

Friday, 29 July 2011

Rebel Girl

I have some fun stuff today for the rebel in you! Who doesn't love a saucy redhead with tattoos? I know I sure do!
Free Goodness
Skin: My UglyDorothy, Poupee hunt gift (1 of 2)
Tattoos: Endlix, Poupee Hunt gift
Bare Feet: CoCo, group gift
Hair: Sixty-Nine, free
Eye Liner: Miamai, subscriber gift (several other liners included)
Gloves: Green Tea Pudding, lucky board prize (or only 30L if you don't want to wait)
Eyes: Croire
Pose: Glitterati
Pasties: Cynful (part of an outfit)

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Vintage Meadow

[LOTD.] Pink gown

Style Notes:

Pose: [doll.] Roxie 04
Hair: Truth - Zaria NOT FREE
Dress: ViLada -
Vintage Meadow $1L
Necklace: [Encore] Timeless Teardrop Earrings (white pearl) STORE CLOSED

Suri x

Royal Purple


Free/Cheap (items available at the time of posting):
Skin--(MAMBOO CHIC): Julia_gift 2 (1L in store)
Hair--.ploom. Seffy - Espresso (100L color packs, 600L fat packs, half off sale)
Eyes--negaposi Fairy Eyes - moonlight (30L per set, includes prim eyes)
Facial tattoo--M.O.C.K. Cosmetics [mock] Cosmetics Plum Shimmer (Group Awesauce) (Lipcolor only) (M.O.C.K Cosmetics, one of many group gifts in notices, 250L join fee)
Pants--Plastik :[P]:-Aeda Capri-UP-Subscribo! (sub-o gift)

Not free/disounted (check stores for other gifts/offers):
Eyelashes--[ glow ] Studio
Body tattoo--Para Designs

Bracelets--Mariposa (no longer available)

Posted by Abra Zelin

Tuesday, 26 July 2011


Lelutka doesn't give out gifts too often but when they do they knock your socks off!

Lelutka Subscribo Gift

Check out this gorgeous subscribo gift, which includes the bikini, sarong, and hat with hair.

Lelutka Subscribo Gift

The hair comes in a full range of colors as well.

Lelutka Subscribo Gift

Who wouldn't love this?

Style Notes
Skin: Curio
Necklace: LaGyo
Bracelets: Mandala
Flipflops: Maitreya

FTLO Scavenger Hunt is ONNN!!!

And it is cute!! Here's some of the gifties I wanted to show you.


Hair: Bliensen + MaiTai ~ Blooming Simplicity (FTLO Scanvenger Hunt, available til 18th August),
Bikini: [Sleeping Koala] ~ Fruiti Bikinis (FTLO Scanvenger Hunt),
Mouth Flower: *Epic* ~ (FTLO Scanvenger Hunt),

Skin: :GP: Airhead.

(FYI: surf-board is not a part of the hunt, just a prop I used for the photo).

Worn here:

Bikini: Waffle! ~ Polka Dot Bikini (FTLO Scavenger Hunt),
Hair: *RezIpsa Loc ~ Helen, Bzz Bzz (Hair fair dollarbie, dunno if its still available for L$1, sorry),
Skin: Imabee ~ Stigma - Rory (previous hunt giftie),
Eye-makeup: elegant epiphany ~ queen of nothing make-up (available for L$8 on marketplace here),

Roller Skates: ANA_Mations ~ LoTopRollers (these are not free, but come with fabulous custom-made animations and are completely texture-change),
Pose: With love & squalor.

FYI this hunt is really unique in that it comes as close to a true scavenger hunt as you can possibly get in SL. Instead of hopping from store to store searching for a hunt item, grabbing the giftie then tping onto the next store, for this hunt the gift (and lm and clue to next store) is hidden amongst regular sale items in the stores, but that item is priced at L$1 so not only do you get the super cute hunt gift, but you ALSO get the reduced item too, all for L$1. I do recommend this hunt as there are lots of really good stores in it, and it is FUN to do. The hunt starts at Pestle & Twig, and there is a hunt group you can join too for help if you get stuck!

There are tons more cute stuff in this hunt that I could show you, and maybe I will when I get more of it done, so consider this a taster :)

Happy Hunting!!

Trini xx

Monday, 25 July 2011


This pretty fuschia satin blouse is the latest Vinyl Cafe Addicts group gift.

Group Gift Blouse

Find it instore.

Dare 10 L Pose Pack Sale!

The posemaker Dare is sadly going out of business. It's a real shame because the poses are fantastic.

Dare 10 L Pose Pack Sale!

The designer is selling fatpacks of poses for just 10 lindens AND this hot bodysuit from Ohmai is included in some of the packs in a variety of colors.

Style Notes
Hair: Loq
Skin: Curio
Skirt: Ibizarre
Shoes: Mstyle

Holiday In the Sun

I am feeling the bright colors showing up right now! Orange and teal seem to be popping up everywhere and I ain't complaining! "Hey Sileny! Ain't isn't a real word!" "Oh yeah? Fetch me a dictionary." *Grabs dictionary and slaps grammar police on the head* Teehee!
holidays in the sun_005
I have to include a close up shot so you can see the nails! Candy Nail never fails to impress me with all of their tiny details!
holidays in the sun_008
Dress: Jack Spoon @ Marketplace, 15L
Skin: Mother Goose's, Poupee Hunt gift (1 of 2 available. More info. on the Poupee Hunt HERE.)
Tattoo Makeup: Piddidle @ Kozmetika, free or 1L I forgot :P
Eyes: Rozena, Poupee Hunt gift
Nails: Candy Nail, group gift
Purse: Ohmai, The Seasons Hunt gift
Hair: Me-I, group gift in store (group is closing soon so hurry!)
Poses: Status. These poses are AWESOME! The poses are made by bloggers who know exactly what a pose needs to be. They have poses made for nails, for big hips, etc. They aren't free but they are worth it.
*Note about the skirt on the dress: It's a sculpted skirt and like all sculpted skirts you should be prepared to have a skirt shape, a straight-hipped AO or a hip alpha. This is with all close-fitting sculpted skirts, I just thought it would be good to share a reminder for folks.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

The Beach is That Way!!!

The Beach is That Way!

So I just had to share these adorkable poses I found during The Seasons Hunt. The poses can be found in the shark at Olive Juice. I'm modeling one of the poses, but there are three poses for guys, and three poses for girls total. Here is a picture of the poses at Olive Juice.

Here is location to Olive Juice!

Playing with mah alt

Yea, so I have alts. Don't we all? Anyways, today I've been wandering around the grid playing with my alt and picked up some really cute things I wanted to show you.

The dress and the hair I grabbed from this weeks Fifty Linden Friday - and at the time of writing they were still available for L$50 so go grab em quickly!! The gorgeous meadow flats are Deco's The Seasons hunt giftie, and are only available til July 30th!!

Hair: lamb ~ Wild Nothing - Honeycomb Roots (L$50 Friday item),
Skin: Imabee ~ Petal - Miranda (previous group giftie - there's a different one available in store),
Eyes: Poetic Colours ~ Sunny glade (FREE gift to NEW players, less than 30 days),
Dress: mocha ~ Highland Holiday [Mint] (L$50 Friday item),
Flats: Deco ~ Meadow Flat (The Seasons Hunt giftie),
Necklace: Happy Finds ~ Silver Madam Necklace (previous giftie in Annoying Japanese Children group. Although no current in world store, AnnoyingJapaneseChild Dinosaur occassionally sends out random gifties still).

Trini xx

Summer White

In the blistering heat of hot summer days, crisp white is often the freshest color palette of choice.
I paired this free white ruffle dress with some other nice free gifties and sales items that fit my no-fuss, summery mood (see the Styling Credits below for deets). -- A quick word about this pose: this year has seen many fine stores shutter their doors, and sadly, creator Chance Greatrex is now closing DARE, which means that you can scoopie these highly editorial, "look at me, I'm fashionista" poses for a mere $1L each (or $10L a fatpack; I pretty much grabbed the whole store).

A/C is everyone's bff love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who recommends frozen drinks for staying cool)


Hair: Truth - Lacey - marmalade (new!) *mwuahs Truth Hawks*
Skin: Ugly Duck - Babette - Autumn C (new!) *mwuahs Fade Lei*
Necklace + lashes: [ glow ] studio - Indian necklece v. 01 & Eyelashes. Touched - Sorted (new!) *mwuahs Jocelyn Anatine*
Earrings: Mood - ::MOOD:: Drops of Rain (new!) - $65L Project Themeory sale *mwuahs Jori Walter*
Dress: PureStyle - PouPeeHunt #41 - *~PureStyle~* cotton mini - find/buy little doll for $0L - free
Purse: Tokidoki - PouPeeHunt #27 - (TokiD) white basket bag (dark) - find/buy little doll for
$0L - free
Shoes: Jeeper's - MHOH6 - #55 - Vader's - Yellow - find/buy yellow male symbol for
$0L - free
Socks: Gay Fight Club - MHOH6 - #152 - GFC Athletic Socks - Black - Red Stripe - find/buy yellow male symbol for
$0L - free
Necklace: Pixel Mode - [PM] Group Gift : Pearl Necklace - [PM] Group Gift - July 21 2011 - subscribo gift (not sure if this is for current subscribers only or new subscribers too) -
Pose: DARE -
$10L fatpack (store closing sale; all fatpacks are $10L; individual poses are $1L)

Friday, 22 July 2011

Urban Dork

Free Style post

I wanted to post a few more of the good items from the Make Him Over Hunt, and a few group gifts I found at Gabriel.

The G Series Track Pants, the long sleeve shirt from Somapop, the Era Cap from Def, and the sunglasses from Air, are all items from the Make Him Over Hunt.

The Leather Bootie Black boots, and the Black Bead Necklace are both from Gabriel, the group is free to join, and you can get two different pairs of boots, and a bunch of jewelry from the group gift wall. Awesome textured stuff that all looks great!

Pants: G Series
Shirt: Somapop
Hat: Def
Sunglasses: Air

Boots: Gabriel
Necklace: Gabriel

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Clothes To Lounge In

More Seasons Hunt gifties :D

Frappaccino! LOTD.

Style Notes:
Hair: Truth - Lacey NOT FREE
Necklace: Zenith Designs Shell Necklace NOT FREE
Top: = Hal*Hina = room wear:short tunic[blue]/tunic GROUP GIFT, PART OF A SET
Shorts: The Secret Store (The Seasons Hunt gift) - Summer Beach Shorts
as blogged here
Tattoo: actchio. love has many faces tattoo THANKS SILVER X
Shoes: *FIR & MNA* (The Seasons Hunt gift) - The Twine Shoes
as blogged here
Drink: Starstruck Coffee - Vanilla Frappe $14
Straw Bag: *+*JILL*+* Straw Basket-White-Striped Ribbon LUCKY BOARD GIFT
Motorcycle: (pda) (The Seasons Hunt gift) - Ca plane pour moi

Suri x
[Sleeping Beauty]


Here's the latest group gift from Chandelle.

Group Gift

Style Notes
Hair: Love Soul
Skin: Curio
Earrings: Mandala

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

More Seasons Hunt


So the Seasons Hunt is well under way!
I am normally very impatient, but some of the gifts on this hunt isn't hard to find!

Style Notes:
Skin: LAQ - Olivia
Hair: Truth - Bree (not free)
Coat: Aoharu Fur Coat (not free)
Bodysuit: sur+ [creamsicle bodysuit seamed] SEASONS HUNT GIFT
Shoes: (epoque) snosaes tnuh tfig SEASONS HUNT GIFT

Suri x
[Sleeping Beauty]

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Make Him Over Hunt has Begun

Make Him Over Hunt 06

So, I kind of hit some of the stores participating in the Make Him Over Hunt just a little early...shhh. Don't tell!

Here are a few things I picked up from stores I already have stuff, or bought stuff from. There are 154 stores in all participating, so this should be fun!

Skin: Reila Skins
Shirt: Hermony
Beanie: Hermony
Pants: HaVok
Sunglasses: Kgs

Here is the link to all the stores for MHOH06 ... Have fun, i'll post more as I grab it

(love) group gift

(love) has a new group gift. It costs 50L to join the group but the current gift is the romper that I am wearing below. It is in notices, but also at the store too. Another thing, there is a black and white 10-30L hunt going on there, just touch the sign at the entrance of the store for hints. There's hairs, clothing, jewelry, and even some skins! The bags range from 10L to 30L.

(love) group gift romper

-Hair: LoQ Hairs - Tequila - Jet Black
-Skin: Chain and Vine - Lian - Tone 7 CHO
-Tattoo Lashes + Lip: Mock Cosmetics
-Pose: doremi - jane oh kim

Monday, 18 July 2011

Ahoy...more Seasons Hunt

Ahoy.. more Seasons Hunt

So I picked a few more things from the Seasons Hunt, plus I enticed my very gorgeous photoshop teacher to grab one of the bikini's from Doppleganger Inc.

I'm wearing the Linen Pants from Willow, the sailors shirt is from NSD, the shoes are from FIR&MNA. Those three are all in the Seasons Hunt.
The hat is from Kari the (Aye Aye Cap) is not free, but $100L

Eve is wearing the Ikat bikini from Doppleganger Inc.

The Fashion Garret

[LOTD.] Zenith for TFG

The Fashion Garret has renewed its items!
Designers come together again to give you some exclusive items at a reasonable price

I'm showing the item from Zenith Designs this time round
It's a patriotic American flag bikini top and a mini denim skirt
4th July has passed, but who said you can't show patrioism any other time?

Style Notes:
Zenith Design for TFG - Summer Bikini & Jeans Skirt (Flag Style) TFG 70L
Bag: (TokiD) for TDR Blue - Bunny Bag in Brown
Shoes: [Armidi Gisaci] - Rio Beleza Wedge [Faux Pony-Lt Gold] REMEMBER THIS? :D

Suri x
[Sleeping Beauty]

Sunday, 17 July 2011



Free/Cheap (items available at the time of posting):
Skin----Belleza- Ashton Tan GG Hair (chest hair) (newest of several male group gifts in store, 250L join fee)
Hair--Exile Dane/marble (freebie fatpack in store)
Body tattoo--::Para Designs:: Sailor Jerry III v2 (60L, Super Bargain Saturday, still available!)
Shirt--Hell Bop HB - Butch - White Tag (group gift, limited time!)
Pants--Poison Grey tartan jeans_normal (MM item)

Not free/disounted (check stores for other gifts):
Pose--Olive Juice

Facial tattoo--Antebellum

Posted by Abra Zelin


The newest group gift is out for Vinyl Cafe Addicts.

Group Gift Cape

Grab this stylish plaid cape at the main location here.

Group Gift Cape

Alpha layers are included to hide your arms and chest..very cool!

Style Notes
Hair: Shag
Skin: Laq
Jeans: Coco
Boots: Coco
Bag: Lelutka

Seasons Hunt

Seasons Hunt Stuff

I bitch and rant about hunts in Secondlife favoring the women, but the Seasons Hunt is one I look forward to. Some of the better mens stores step up and have some great stuff. Pictured above is a few of the things I picked up last night.

The shorts are part of a set from NSD.
The Linen Check Shirt is from Pivaaca.
The tee under the shirt is the "Forever" tee from Boye.
The shoes are from FIR&MNA.

Skin is Belleza - Ashton (current group gift)
Hair is NSD (not free)
Beard layer - Nanuk - Bjorn (not free)

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Summer is my Religion

Hi guys! Long time no see. Thought the Season's Hunt would be a great to pass by. Hope you enjoy the goodies I picked up. :)

TOP: (part of) Jack Spoon - Holly thing Dress - 12L
SHORTS: The Secret Store - Summer Beach Shorts - The Seasons Hunt
HEADPIECE: Clawtooth Fancy Pants Hair Flower
TATTOO: Blogged before - here
non free
SKIN: Fashionably Dead
HAIR: Elikatira

Lemon Custard


Free/Cheap (items available at the time of posting):
Eyes--negaposi Fairy Eyes - gold (30L per set, includes prim eyes)
Earrings--Dark Mouse 30's Art Deco Mother of Pearl Earrings (lucky chair item)
Shirt--JANE - sheer layers.yw custard (50L for a 3 pack)
Dress and mouth nom--[Sassy Kitty Designs] Yellow Fruits Summer Dress + Lemon Slice (Waffle Fox Hunt item)

Not free/disounted (check stores for other gifts):
Hair--kik Hair
Eyelashes 1--[ glow ] Studio
Facial tattoo--Pididdle
Body tattoo--Para Designs

Eyelashes 2--Amperlope (not currently available)

Posted by Abra Zelin

Friday, 15 July 2011

Hair Fair '11: Last Call on Goodies!

Sadly, Hair Fair '11 ends today.  It is one of my favorite events and I rarely have enough time online durring the summer to spend as much time there as I want.  Luckily the new releases will all move to the main stores, but the gifties might not travel with them.  That means this might be your last chance to pick up some of these awesome styles.  I have covered the first 2 sims in previous posts and I am only showing a small sample here of the gifts on Sims 3 & 4.  Both sims are chocked full of gifts so get over there and I just looked on the map and they are not too full.  

You might see a lot of people today wearing bandanas instead of hair.  Today is Bandana Day and this is to show solidarity and support for the event's charity, Wigs for Kids.  Wigs for Kids provides real hair replacement for children who have lost their hair due to medical conditions.  There are some gorgeous bandanas this year from RP to silly to glam.  They are reasonably priced and only available at the fair.  I've purchased several and I hang on to them... they are particularly handy to have at high lag events to keep my own lag to a minimum.  If you want to see photos of them my suggestion is to visit Sasy Scarborough's blog, Sasypants.  She has provided amazing coverage of the event and was one of the key organizers.  The entire Hair Fair '11 team gets my admiration for their awesome build, hard work and dedication to a worthy cause!  Now hurry up and get over there!


So its July and there are a ton of new, cute hunts that have started with loads of cute gifties to be had, as well as some new group/ subscribo gifties.

I'm simply loving this fun, cute dress from Circus Noir. This is their gift for the Greedy Hunt, which Tesh already covered some other gifties from here.

I'm absolutely in love with tattoos in Sl right now, I love the versatility of them, being able to change tattoos in SL is awesome, something I kinda wish you could do in RL (I have a couple in RL and have obssessed for yrs over whether to add another or not, lol). So I was always going to love actchios' latest subscribo gift, the realm of the gods leg tattoo. Completing the look is urban republics' tattoo gift for the Cupcake War Hunt, and dollarbie flats from chuculet.

Hair: shag - sweet treat (L$75 for project themeory, dunno how much longer this will be available at this price),
Skin: Glam Affair - Layla (My Second Wardrobe discounted item - this is a new sales event along the lines of The Dressing Room),
Chest tat: Urban Repulic (Cupcake War Hunt gift, this hunt started today and runs til July 31st - thank you!),
Leg tat: actchio - realm of the gods (subscribo gift),
Shoes: chuculet - ballet flats (dollarbie).

Oh, and if you like the cupboard in the background, that is la'licious' Cupcake War Hunt gift.

Hope you are all having a great summer!

Trini xx

2ndHub Filthy Skins Group Gift

2ndHub Filthy Group Gift

Look HERE to see both skins.

This will be the easiest skin you'll ever receive... read below and follow the instructions!! Enjoy

1. Join/Register 2ndHub:

2. Confirm your email

3. Activate your account at the slurl given you. (probably this one)

4. Enter 2 or 3 fields to your profile (marked with a *)

5. Join the group at this address:

You will receive the skin in-world!!

The Huntress

Wow! How awesome are the new bloggers here lately? Sheesh!! Loving them so hard. Anyway, I have some fun gifts for you! One of my fave skin stores, Cupcakes, has a new MM board prize. It's a really natural makeup that you can wear with just about anything. The shirt is from Ison and I adore the shoulderless style. The hat is from Bother's group. This store always has well made and fun items! Enjoy!
Shirt: ISON, free
Skin: Cupcakes, MM board prize
Hat: Bother, group gift (50L join fee. other colors available for 95L a piece.)
Scratch on Cheek: Randomocity
Hair: BooN
Necklace: Lassitude and Ennui
Glasses: Adjunct (these aren't free but how cute are they!? They have resize or modify permissions, which is awesome if you don't like scripts!!)

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Urban Indigo


Free/Cheap (items available at the time of posting):
Skin---Belleza- Ashton Medium GG Bald (newest of several male group gifts in store, 250L join fee)
Hair--.::MADesigns HAIR::. ~ LUZ ~ Club Black III (Hair Fair gift, ends 15th July, hurry!)
Hair base--.::MADesigns HAIR::. ~ Tintable Hair Base ~ Tribe 3 (Hair Fair gift, ends 15th July, hurry!)
Eyes--MADesigns EYES_NATURE ~ Ocean Deep (Hair Fair gift, ends 15th July, hurry!)
Tattoo (top only)--::Para Designs:: This one time at the..Black Medium (This One Night at the Fair Hunt item)
Piercings--Gabriel ::GB::Achilleus pierce (group gift)
Undershirt--Poison 100% rock shirt_white male (group gift)
Tunic--Plastik :[P]:-Kuhra-J-Tunic-Constrruct (subscriber gift)
Pants--sf design denim shorts long (July freebie)

Not free/disounted (check store for other gifts):

Posted by Abra Zelin

Skin...baggies...and more!!

HoD Lavie MJ Clubwear

I came across some great finds the past couple of days. The first is the Lavie Skins group gift. There is a small group fee, but well worth it because they have group skins every month.

The second find is the complete outfit I'm wearing from MJ Clubwear. It comes with shoes, baggies, and the shirt. No group needed, just grab the freebie.

The third find is from HoD (Haus of Darcy). The Waffle Fox Hunt starts on July 15th, and HoD has made the Celtic Swirl Dimples exclusively for the Waffle Fox Hunt. Here is a better picture than mine of the exclusive item. Celtic Swirl Dimples

MJ Clubwear

One of These Things Is Not Like The Other

A kawaii hunt just kicked off called the Greedy Hunt, which is offering this cute berry-like dress, stuffed tote bag + head wrap for free.
You're hunting for a strawberry; participating stores, some prizes pics + a hints list can be found on the official blog here.

Berry good love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who finally took advantage of strawberry season this year! Om nom nom)


Dress: Natural - +:::+Natural+:::+.:* GREEDY HUNT *:.(Wear)1/2 - +:::+Natural+:::+Cherry_Girl - find/buy 1st strawberry for $0L - free
Purse & head wrap: Natural - +:::+Natural+:::+Cherry_Girl_2/2 - +:::+Natural+:::+Cherry_Girl_Bag & +:::+Natural+:::+Cherry_Girl_ZUKIN - find/buy 2nd strawberry for
$0L - free
Boots: House of Fox - HouseofFox :: ArchBoots[Red] (new!) *mwuahs Fashionboi Landar + Jared Jharls*
Socks: Rotten Toe - fucsia heart break socks
Hair: Elikatira - [e] Again - Black 04
Pose: Xbordeaux @ Flasher - buy chocolate bar on plate; additional $1L tattoo gifts here! - $1L

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Vitamen Group Gift

Vitamen Group Gift

Vitamen just put out their July Monthly Freebie. You get 5 pairs of swimwear boxers. I was told by someone who shall be nameless (Marlly Resident) that "real men wear pink, you should wear it". TP to the store, no group slot needed, just grab the free swimwear boxers. While your there men (or ladies shopping for your man), take a look around the store!!

LM to Vitamen

Time for cake??

So Rhed Rhode formerly of It's Cake and the awesome FTLO events/ hunts is backkkk with a brand new store, Pestle & Twig, but as she is still working on content for the new store she is currently selling off all her old It's Cake stock at the lowlow price of L$25 each! Yes I know, not free, but you can grab some seriously cute bargains like I did.

Everything I'm wearing here is from the It's Cake sale, except for skin, tattoo, make-up, hair and shoes. The skin is still Glam Affairs' Independence Day group giftie, cus I love it so much!! (still available in notice archives). The gorgeous eye make-up I'm wearing is yet another very generous group gift from M.O.C.K Cosmetics. The group costs L$250 to join but theres TONS of gifties already in the archives, and Mocksoup Graves very generously gives out frequent gifties, so thank you!!! Here's a closer shot of said make-up. The eyes are a new creation by Rhed Rhode under her Pestle & Twig brand name.

T-shirt: Sad Panda - It's Cake (L$25 sale!!!),
Leggings: Hunni Comb Hipsters - It's Cake (L$25 sale!!!),
'Facelight mouthie': It's Cake (L$25 sale!!!),
Eyes: P&T Blue Peepers - Pestle & Twig (not free or on sale),
Flats: Sparkle Flats Ruby Red - A.D.D Andel (not free),
Make-up: Borealis Night Shadow - M.O.C.K Cosemtics (group gift, in notices),
Tattoo: Sailor Girl - Para Designs (TOSL Hunt giftie, available til 15th July).

Trini xx

Tuesday, 12 July 2011


The latest group gift is out from Chantkare, one of my favourite stores.

Group Gift

Style Notes
Hair: Yuma (group gift)
Skin: Curio

Gizza 1 Year Anniversary Gift

Gizza 1 Year Annv. Gift

Gizza has just come out with their 1 Year Anniversary Group Gifts for men and women. The group is free to join, and the gift for both the men and women are awesome. A must have for goth, role play, or future wedding to go to!!

The gift is the complete suit for the men. Go get it!!


Attack of the Baby Pigs

Attack of the Baby Pigs

Hi again everyone, I got two items for you, and both are unisex and totally cute.

The first item is the free roller skates from justB, they come in different sizes and come with skates with roller skating AO and without. Seriously I cruised around the sim looking for a place to take the picture with the animations on!! love it... (I'm a dork, what can I say). You can get the skates at the store, or in the group notices.

The second item is this very cool summer sweats from Connors. They are only available on the lucky board inside the store, and won't be sold in the store. Check out the baby pig (Johnny Jr) along for the ride!! LOL. I only waited like 10 minutes to get the sweats, the board moves fast!

It's free to join both groups, Connors is one of my favorite stores, I think I own every pair of shorts in the store. bestB I checked out yesterday, I also saw a dollarbie dress for the ladies, and most of the clothes are unisex. Go check em out!!

Sweat Suit: Connors - Lucky Board (limited)
Skates: justB - freebie
Pose: 3M

Monday, 11 July 2011

Hair Fair Gift Tour: Chapter 2 + other Finds

There is no shortage of great finds across the grid.  Hair Fair '11 runs for a few more days.  This post will cover gifts I found on Sim 2 of the Fair.  There were so many gifts on this sim and it would take an entire page to show them so I decided to show you variety vs. quantity.  Most of the clothes and accessories I am showing are also awesome deals you can find whilst grid hopping.
Xplosion Hair has an uber generous gift in the fatpack of Lilli.  It includes two hair sizes.  The hair is adorned with cute barettes and other little decorations. The headband is texture change. There is no resizer in the hair but it is modifiable and all that was required for my fit was some slight stretching on the small size to find the right fit.  It was a great compliment to Sassy's Saucy Lass outfit from the Skull & Bones Hunt.  
I am totally digging Maria, the Alice Project gift for Hair Fair. It comes in 2 options, one with fun colors and another with "normal" colors.  Both hairs are scripted to change color as well as resize so you don't have a folder with a million hairs. The tank is part of a large gift at ChiChickie at Hair Fair.  I have to go on one of my squee rants for a minute to talk about DooDad's reopening on Oh My Stars.  I've long been a follower of Paisley Mizin, both at her old store, Sock Shop and at DooDads.  She has combined the store and there are a whole bunch of dollarbies and other great steals.  Paisley makes her own things, all original and bright as well as a bit strange.  Gotta haves for me!
Nikita Fride's Carnival hair is a bit of departure from my usual frumpy look (I've been called Bea Arthur and Florence Henderson!) but I lovvvve it.  The tat layer hairbase with it's creepy face and the hair is a partial mohawk with dreads and flips; this one will be a keeper for sure.  It looks great with Fishy Strawberry's exclusive items at the new Fashionably Late venue.
I collect hair to wear with kimonos and such so I loved loved EMO-tions' Moon hair, which is also a gift at Hair Fair.
Mina has a darling poofy ponytail style called Antje as it's gift at the Fair.  Not a fat pack or anything fancy but a lovely auburn color that I like.  It was a great compliment to the awesome July dollarbie at JustB who just moved to the new Chic sim.  Darling DooDads has yummy pink poodle for your mouth as another great dollarbie.

You can get slurls to all every booth at Hair Fair by visiting their blog.  Hair Fair's charity this year is Wigs for Kids, which provides hair replacement for children with medical conditions that cause hair loss.   All items contribute at least 15% of their proceeds to this worthy cause, though many stores are donating more than the minimum.  Don't miss it!

Hair: all are gifts on Sim 2 of Hair Fair 2011.  (There are so many more - this is a small sample)
Xplosion: Lilli
Alice Project: Maria
Nikita Fride: Carnival Hair
EMO-tions: Moon
Mina: Antje - Dazzle

haut.monde: Amelie Naturele: Preview Skin, exclusively @ Fashionably Late.  I completely love Teresa Republic's new skins and this one is a steal.  Get it!
Mango Mango!: Sequins - Pale Pink: pay what you want at the Free*Style HQ. Thanks Sileny!!!

Sassy: Saucy Lass Outfit: Skull & Bones Hunt: one of several hunt items at the store. Ivy Burner rocks in the generosity department!
Tank top: Gift at ChiChickie on Sim 2 at Hair Fair
Fishy Strawberry: Gleam Top Gold / Sequins Gradiation skirt: not free - exclusively @ Fashionably Late
Sweetest Goodbye: Breeze (kimono): 50% off at closing sale: awesome sale if it's still going on
JustB: Sequin Dress - Fuschia/Blood: July Dollarbie

Pinkie Bot: dollarbie
Sparkle Bracelets: dollarbie
Genie Lamp Earrings: dollarbie
Poodle for Mouth: dollarbie
Acid&Mala: Rings & Pearls set:not free
Shoes: haut.monde: Blison Wedges: not free (moving soon!)