Monday, 31 January 2011

Catching Up

I have a bunch of great new items to share with you...check it out:


I love this dollarbie from JustB. Really well made.

Free Outfit

This chic retro pantsuit is the latest freebie at Herby Loire.

Free Dress

Grab this pretty dress there as well, also free!


Lurani is always great for a dramatic dollarbie. I love this romantic sheer gown.

Group Gift 2

Theres new group gift for Vinyl Cafe Addicts. Find this sexy mini here.

Group Gift

And this other version here.

I hope you enjoy the finds!

Style Notes
Skin, hair, lashes, makeup: Lelutka
Shoes: all styles Purrfect 10
Jewellery: Modern Gypsy

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Branching Out

BP has these head branches in their group notices (along with a gorgeous purse.) I know they are a bit unusual but that's why I love them. Perfect for a fantasy ensemble!
tree head
Branches: BP, group gift (store location is closed for remodeling. Searcg for "BP* Update Group" or the profile of BettiePage Voyager.
Hair: Exile, 1L fat pack at Enky's (I couldn't TP there so no slurl. Not sure if remodeling or closed?)
Skin: Mother Goose's, 50L gacha prize
Eyes: Schadenfreude, Ozimals bunny hunt prize (more about that soon)
Jacket: TokiDoki

Thursday, 27 January 2011

I Can Haz Fairy.

Look, I am sweet and innocent! Yes butterflies, flutter around me...closer to my teeth, I mean, mouth now. *Looks shiftily side to side* Yep, little old me would never harm a sweet lil' butterf-CHOMP!
Dress and Wings: Dilly Dolls, MM Board prize
Skin: Imagen, 10L Sale (ends soon!)
Boots: Violent Seduction (new release)
Hair: Lamb
Butterflies: Solidea Folies (actually come with a lovely head piece for them to flutter around which I haven't shown here)
Eye Makeup: I made it but it isn't released anywhere haha
Cleavage: Ayumi
Pose: xbordeaux

Wednesday, 26 January 2011


I love things that are bit mismatched, eclectic, chaotic...unexpected. This skybox from Mulvada Mujer is perfect for someone like me! And seeing as I am a foodie this lovely dining set from Sweet Bites for the EaHH charity event makes dining alone in my new skybox not so bad.
This skin from Imabee is a group gift from the new line and what a wonderful gift it is!! The freckles, the cleavage, the brow options, even the yellow-gold lips makes this a must have. You need to buy the not free version of these skins if you love a young, fresh look. The top is from Malt and is one of several colors available at the EaHH event for charity. Extend a Helping Hand has even received news coverage!!!
Here Go The Details!
Skin: Imabee, group gift
Skybox and Eye Shadow Tattoo Layer: La Mulvada Mujer, two of many items priced 0L-10L in the special Valentine's area.
Dining Set: Sweet Bites @ EaHH, charity donation item. The set comes with table, chairs with animations, food and also comes with a lovely kitchen area that is great for photo taking but I didn't show it here because I wanted ya'll to see my box *wriggles brows*
Top: Malt @ EaHH, charity donation item
Necklace: Lolapop!, 69L Hump Day Happiness item. Also comes with earrings.
Hair: Lamb
Eyes: Banana Banshee
Undershirt: !Ohmai
Skirt: Secret Store
Glove Layer Nails: Skin Within, random prize giver
Second Pose: Marukin
If you want to see some of the regular priced Imabee skin options I posted them HERE. Love these so, so hard.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The Hostess With the Mostest

Jane is giving away a free color 6-pack of lace miniskirts, which go most excellently with their free fatpack of tank tops (you get the color fatpack; I'm showing the pretty "celery" hue here) + 4 free striped scarves in the back room (not shown here, but very pretty sherbet-y colors).
A new Truth updo + some teatime treats made me feel like the hostess with the mostest today. -- I figure between the champagne + the tea stuff, this broad's classy all the way. *picks teeth when nobody's looking*

Suburban wifey love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who has fantasies of being surburban)


Skirt: Jane - JANE - a little lace skirt.khaki (you get a color 6-pack) - free
Tank top: Jane - celery [hi] (you get the fatpack) - free
Pulcino - *pulcino*Girly Dot Nail NO.2(beige and lavender) - $1L gatcha
Hair: Truth - Amelie Streaked - almond (new!) *mwuahs Truth Hawks*
Shoes: Pixel Mode - [PM] Lady T - Baby Pink w/Silver (new!) *mwuahs Tya Fallingbridge*
Skin: Pinkinnik - [PINKINNIK]::: Helenne 5*
(new!) *mwuahs Leona Olivieri*
Shrug: Riddle - ** [ Riddle ] ** Simple Shrug - Brown 2 *mwuahs Chrystina Noel*
Necklace: Lucas Lameth - (luc) Mala Beads Necklace, Black Onyx Pearl (Female)
se: Hate Me and Eat Me (new!) *mwuahs Riri Bazar*

Brown and Such

My avatar is all "Hey, what's over there!?" and I'm all "Awesome freebies!" Weeeeeeeeee!
Skin: Imagen, 10L skin sale. male and female skins in about half of the store are only 10L each!
Eye Makeup: Skin Within, part of a free pack of several makeups
Sweater: Willow, seasons hunt gift
Scarf: Paper Doll, free
Jewelry: Lolapop!, 69L Hump Day Happiness item for Wednesday
Eyes: Banana Banshee. There is a group gift and a subscriber gift of a green version of these eyes right now! The group might be closed still but the subscriber gift should still be available.
Hair: Raspberry Aristocrat, I couldn't find it in the store so might not be available
Blush: Cheap Makeup, gacha item. Don't forget that there is a Season's Hunt item available there as well.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Erratic Airflow Woah!

Oh my Gorsh! Long time :). I miss blogging! I'm dedicating this post to 2 people, someone I fan girl over pretty much everyday <3 Miss Ashe Anthony and our sweet Mami Miss Sileny. Hope you enjoy \o/
erratic grp gift
Colourful, hot and sexy is the newest group gift from erratic, shown here. I can hear the untzing from the club already.
airflow ltd grp gift
This camo vest is so cuuuuuute! It's a current limited time group gift from Airflow. It comes with a few different options to wear, I think it'll be around for a few more days so hurry!
sassy kitty hunt gift outfit
I've been so into Sassy Kitty stuffles for the last little while, and you can totally see one of the many reasons why here. This whole outfit is their ADNY hunt gift, yus everything boots and all! <3 Luff.
sassy boots hunt gift
ribbin lb
Yay! New cute from *RibboN*'s lucky board! This sweater also comes as a lucky board prize in another colour.

Short, and sweet can't be beat. Kiss!
Luff n Sticky Stuff
Look 1
Outfit - erratic - Group Gift
Not Free
Hair - Refuge
Skin - Glam Affair Past Gift
Look 2
Vest - Airflow - Limited Time Group Gift
Outfit - Sassy Kitty -  Hunt Gift
Not Free
Hair - Magika - Discount Section
Skin - Natural Beauty - Lazy Sunday Special -STILL OUT, RUN.
Look 3&4
Outfit & Boots - Sassy Kitty ADNY Hunt Gift
Not Free
Hair - Magika Discount Section
Skin - Natural Beauty
Look 5
Sweater - *RibboN* Lucky Board
Not Free
Hair - Truth
Skin - Natural Beauty

Saturday, 22 January 2011

pied-a-terre skybox



hi guys! just a super speedy post cos i'm exhausted for some reason..

has a beautiful skybox out for this month's Spruce Up Your Space! It's a discount event by really good furniture stores - they put out a special item at a very low price just for that weekend. Check out the demo at SPRY, also take a look at Stacie's post about her item for more photos! It's 139 prims, comes with a fireplace(optional) and is just 150L this weekend, more than half off the normal price.

SPRY skyboxes have a lot of originality - Stacie is quite a home decorating fanatic, so she's seen quite a lot of skyboxes herself. Each room has something a little special about it, be it a particularly carved mantelpiece, little symmetrical windows or even a special kind of tile right in the middle of the skybox.

I happened to go to theosophy to gobble up some lovely things so I used them! Theosophy also has a chair out for the seasons' hunt, look for the snowman. He's having fun in the sun (that's my half-baked clue for you) It's not a great clue, but it's not a hard item hahah. Also showing some other items from other furniture stores from the Seasons hunt! THANK YOU HALLIE GALLI GUNT for organizing! must-do hunt of every season.

SPRY pied-a-terre skybox, 150L just for this weekend's SUYS event! demo here!
theosophy green tea latte: on chair
chair: seasons hunt gift from theosophy
lights and boots: from theosophy, pretty cheap around 100L and copiable, boots are only 4 prims (must-get! such low prims! I'm obsessed :/ )

daybed/chair with animations: art dummy, gift for seasons hunt (hint: err... look around doorways? there are a lot of doorways D: )
butterdish star wreath, comes with a window seat and another chair, gift for seasons hunt (note that the TP to the place leads you to the same sim as Valiant, the gift is super near the TP point, just look around)
table+mat: gift from seasons hunt from north west

Friday, 21 January 2011

Kozmetika Opening!

Kozmetika is a new shopping area with only tattoo layer makeups! There are some great deals there and I wanted to share a couple. Also, check out my hair! Free! :D
kozmetika deals
Tattoo Lashes and Freckles: La Mulvada Mujer @ Kozmetika, 10L
Rainbow Nail Polish: RezIpsa Loc @ Kozmetika, 1L
Additional Eyeliner: Mango, Mango!, 1L in the mango hunt
Hair: Loq, subscriber gift (includes other colors as well)
Eyes: L. Fauna
Lipstick Tattoo: Pididdle @ Kozmetika, not free BUT there is a free color!
Skin: Mango, Mango!, 69L sale
Pose: Glitterati

Thursday, 20 January 2011

The Sun Also Rises

Feeling very vamp today and thought I would share my look since some of it is free.
vamp girl
Hair: Dura, group gift
Skin: Mango, Mango!, 69L (everything in the store is 69L or less each right now!)
Teeth Tattoo Layer: Mango, Mango!, 1L hunt prize (skin shown comes with vampire teeth on it but there is an identical pair in the hunt that is not on the skin)
Eyeshadow: Elegant Epiphany, group gift (others included and I am addicted to this store :P)
Jacket: Ladies Who Lunch
Corset: Sn@tch
Headpiece: Solidea Folies
Cleavage: Ayumi
Jewelry: Lolapop!
Pose: Marukin, group gift (others included)

*Note: I found out about the hair from Valencia Southard's Blog. Love her!

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

dolly birds



hello! :) Thanks to Zen Iceghost for telling me about this lucky board at Pinkinnik, formerly i ce coco! It's a 5 minute board, easy to win and has three boards with this skin inside.

I was trying hair at loq hairs and i'm eyeing one of the styles heh but for now I got the subscribo gift and there's another set of their hair at the dressing room for around 70L, so take a look! AND another 50L set of their hair exclusively available on xstreet. tp to their store for more details and demos!

i'm also in 69L hump day this week so you can get this tattoo at 69L from actchio!

skin: Pinkinnik, lucky board
hair: subscribo gift from loq hairs
shoes: vive9 Rita boot, lovee. texture change socks! creator: sanya bilavio
arm tattoo: 69 hump day discounted item, actchio. dolly birds arm tattoo
leg tattoo: actchio. peony dragon leg tattoo
headband: mons gift to fashion house group, go to loq hairs and join the fashion house group, then check notices.
wristbands on right hand: from drowsy hunt, I unlinked them and re-linked so I could wear three at once. the wristbands are in the sewer underneath, in the box marked "trash box".
other jewellery, the rings and bracelet on left hand: shade throne group gifts, my favorite group ever. (and my favorite jewellery) It's a paid group.

shirt: i've been wearing this shirt from willow every day for a week. not free but cheap and beautifully made!
shorts: league

poses: doll. by suri christen!

Monday, 17 January 2011

Man Stuff

Yep, male stuff! Woo! I busted out the man to bust out some free style ;D
Man Freebies
Shirts and Scarf: Somapop, hunt prizes (girls and guys all over the place!)
Skin: Imagen, newbie skin gift for under 30 days
Crotch Stain Layer (LOLZ): Sileny Noel (Me!), free at the Free*Style store
Pants: Pig, no longer available to my knowledge
Hair: Ego, not free
Glasses: Alphavillain, free in the Seasons Hunt (previously blogged by Silver)

P.S. Since the Free*Style store moved locations it's kinda empty! If you would like to place a gift there of a quality, original item let us know!

til we see the sunlight






Adorable Megan skin by Dutch Touch, 400L for VIP group members. If you're a member of the VIP group(paid group), you can buy Megan with basic makeup, in cream tone for just 400L. Skin pack retails for more than 3 times a price! I love Megan, she's beautiful.

Vanity Hair is currently having 50% off on most of their hair. If you've been eyeing their styles, now's the time to demo!

#1 & #2
skin: dutch touch megan, 400L for VIP group members
bikini: 30L for top and bottom(bought separately) from Doux Couture. Check out their separates, really pretty and beautifully hand drawn.
tattoos: actchio. arm tattoos are a new subscribo gift, leg+hip tattoos are a new release
shade throne group gifts: bracelets, bangle and paranoid ring
shade throne moss earrings: not free
hair: vanity hair, currently having 50% off sale
shoes: stiletto moody

modd.g also has amazing low-prim, well made furniture for super cheap. 35L for wall decals and 100L or less for furniture! I got the magazine rack and a few decals!

Drowsy Winter Sim hunt also has a ton of gifts, click the presents (slurl to pile of presents) for furniture and leggings(and very cute evil snowmen) in a ton of colors and variations. BettiePage Voyager is super generous! I also found that she has these victorian blouses for sale at only 100L, I bought two colors because the sculpts are really beautiful. (Last picture.) (slurl to buy the blouse)

background: Drowsy winter sim hunt,(click the bookcase to enter the winter sim) little cupboard in white
magazine rack from modd.g
outfit: tube top, free from *boom*scarf, *boom* 30L from gacha
leggings: rude rebel, 0L
Vive9 Rita Boot, lovelove these. not free!
jewellery: shade throne group gifts(paid group) in paper bags
hair: group gift from boon

background: all the furniture you can get at modd.g, second floor! the mannequin decals are only 35L.
gloves, free gift from modd.g
hair, ivy color demo fatpack, free from modd.g second floor.
cardigan, top, skirt and leggings, as well as fedora, all from modd.g
boots, deco

shades: alphavillain, seasons hunt gift. thank you jake!! I mean laika!
hair: vanity hair, currently having 50% off sale
beautiful sculpted top, by bettiepage voyager at the drowsy winter sim, 100L direct slurl to topthe pillar behind me is 80L!
shorts: r.icielli
tattoos: actchio
nails: mstyle

*eyeliner and lip gloss worn in some pictures!

lip gloss: cheap makeup miss priss lipgloss 4, my favorite gloss
eyeliner: actchio.

poses are from doll. by suri christen! really inspired some of these pictures.

Sunday, 16 January 2011


There is a new tattoo layer makeup on the MM board at Elegant Epiphany. It works with most skins I tried! Love this store so much. The eyes are sooooo pretty and are free in the Cupcakes group notices.
EE Makeup MM
The necklace is from Lolapop! for the EaHH charity event and comes with matching earrings. Go now!
Makeup: Elegant Epiphany, group only Midnight Mania prize
Eyes: Cupcakes, group gift (250L enrollment fee)
Jewelry: Lolapop! @ EaHH, charity item
Skin: Blowpop
Hair: Lamb

Saturday, 15 January 2011

the dirty lazy pinup

(go to my flickr to view the non-edited photos for better detail)

hair: trico New Year Gift (w/ resize script)
skin: Fujiyama LB this is a freebie mall. look around they have LOADS of good stuff all for 0L! (the skin has a half open mouth, & great cleavage)
dress: Monday by Urban Girl Vain group gift includes stockings - might not be there anymore but it's worth a look.
attachment: Twat Waffle - Gina Juice (Sour Apple) & Andy Cummings (Rotten Banana)! attaches to mouth & or chin. will be available for "The Next Big Thing Hunt" Jan. 14th midnight SLT. store #15. Hint? "Such a ghostly Idea!" good luck!

other non-free
nails: Mstyle
shoes: LeLutka
tattoo: ACTCHIO

poses by JustAPose & Flowey

Da Blues

A couple more charity donation items from the Extend a Helping Hand event! Don't forget to go and grab some goodies. The money goes to help those fighting the horrible floods in Queensland and is desperately needed. Items will be changing occasionally and more vendors added as time passes so check in often!
Blue and Purple
Skin: Sanu @ EaHH, 100 percent to charity
Dress: A-Bomb. I am wearing the purple which is available at the main store at regular price BUT you can get blue and pink as their charity donation item at EaHH! Also includes leggings and belt, not shown.
Paper Crown: Sanu, 50L at the main store (75 percent to charity!)
Hair: Clawtooth by Clawtooth

Friday, 14 January 2011

More RibboN

Soooo I know I just blogged RibboN but they put out more goodies and I can't resist! This dress is a subscriber gift but if for some reason it is taken out of the notices there is a green version in the lucky boards and other colors for some super low price, as usual.
Kiko's RIbboN
The skin is from Kiko Life and is not free BUT you can win tons of tattoo makeups in the lucky chairs and MM boards and there are even subscriber gifts. As with all tattoo makeups they don't work with every skin but part of the fun is trying it with all types!

Dress: RibboN, subscriber gift (green version in the lucky boards)
Tattoo Makeup: Kiko Life, lucky chair prize
Skin: Kiko Life
Hair: Fashionably Dead
Stockings: Vive9
Pose: [Doll.]

Wednesday, 12 January 2011


I have some great freebies and cheapies for you today! I am loving this top from RibboN. This one is 10L but there is another color on the lucky board!
casual 1
I love these tights from [Luce.] They always have great patterns!
All This and More:
Skin: Mango, Mango!, 69L Hump Day Happiness skin
Tights: [Luce.], group gift (includes another color version as well.)
Top: RibboN, 10L
Skirt: M*Motion, one of many free items, dollarbies and group gifts
Poses: Estetica, part of a huge pack of poses for 69L Hump Day. I am in LOVE with these poses.
Hair: Truth

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

grindstone 50%off sale and gifts!



Grindstone has a New Year's 50% off storewide sale until Jan 14th, just three more days, so hurry! I took the opportunity to gobble up most of the store because I've admired the store a few times ever since Lili Brink blogged it on's furniture feed. In the past, the bibliphile bookcase was in two of my homes for quite a few months cos it's really such a statement piece. Plus I always wanted the Thetis octopus chandelier with each tentacle curled around a candle and shells, but could never decide on the color.

I think the thing about Grindstone is that Thaumata makes really beautiful and distinctly unique pieces, who could think of an octopus chandelier carrying candles! Really realistic. Also a hunt gift and two freebies instore, so pick those up!

TP to Grindstone!

I have to mention my ARIA bed as well, jumping on it makes me happy! I just took these pictures at my place.

wooden glass frame thingy in background: Art Dummy, just 15L, put it anywhere and it looks amazing
bibliophile book shelf with letters: grindstone, now only 75L, I bought it for 150L! Was still cheap and high-quality.
bed with wooden driftwood platform: ARIA, love! Jumping animation in the bed. I LOVE TO JUMP on ARIA'S beds!
matryoshka dolls, you can click on them and they appear from one doll to five dolls! So adorable. Damnit I bought these before the sale. Shit I love grindstone. BTW I stretched them because I want them big!
kitchen jar things: super realistic/baked, from grindstone
little houses ornament, 0L from grindstone, on the table
globe bowl(bowl with globe pattern) 1L from grindstone
book stack, 2 prims from ARIA
lamp: (creator:Trace Osterham) Theosophy. super old and treasured subscribo gift(see you should go subscribe! Because you can't retrieve gifts so just get on the list in case!)

Grindstone's Thetis lamp, octopus chandelier. Color shown is not available in store.
Grindstone chairs: gobbled these up from the sale! Lovelove the red one especially, check out the demo instore. A ton of poses in them!
Crates with draped netting and message in a bottle, hunt gift from Grindstone. Click the anchor near the Thetis lamps. You can't miss the anchor, it's bigger than I am haha.
green sculpted rug, only 15L or something, grindstone

uhh the clothes are from Emery at the dressing room blue, only 60-70L I think. Includes the best belt. ripped leggings are an old group gift from Sweetest Goodbye. Shoes from ANEXX!

EaHH Flood Relief Charity Event

The Extend a Helping Hand charity event has started tonight and I wanted to post a bit about it, hoping you will go! I will be doing several posts on this because this event may help many people in SL.
The floods in Queensland have affected tons of people, even to the point where many have died. A large portion of SL users and a very large portion of Free*Style readers are from Australia and I personally know several who have been affected. You can help by buying items at the EaHH charity event where the money will go directly to help those in need. The first item I am showing is this full avatar from Violent Seduction. You get a black avatar and a white avatar with skins, horns, faun legs, furry bikini and even the hair! I thought the white avatar looked very innocent and mysterious even with the parts that could be interpreted as demon-like.

I am aware that nothing in this post is free and I will be trying to work in freebies to the next posts. I really just wanted to get this information out as fast as possible in order to raise as much awareness as I can. Thank you for reading this and all Free*Style posts. I do honestly believe we have the best readers in SL, from all over the world, and I hope you can use your kindness and generosity to make the world a better place whenever you can. Love you long time!
Hellesent 1
Full Avatar (not including eyes and shape): Violent Seduction @ EaHH, charity donation item. White and black version at 50 percent donation with both avs included and red version at 100 percent donation.

Monday, 10 January 2011

izm anniversary jacket

Free or Really Cheap items:
izm: jacket 1st anniversary gift: 1 L - comes with an optional collar that includes a colorful skully necklace
Tank: Jane: intrinsic tank: pink blush - free for a pack of a gazillion colors - everyone needs this
Bloomers: Layer 1: Sn@tch: No You Didn't Make Bloomers: Black: 25 L for black and white

Stockings: sen*2: Layering socks - Light pink: gacha item: 10 L

Not Free or probably not available Items:
Bloomers 2: Scribble: Black (the really poofy part above the band): not free
Hair: Winter: Happy Blond: new hair! : not free
Boots: J's: Engineer Long Boots: old gift

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Color Wonder

Nuuna's new skins put me in the mood for color and thankfully there is a lot of it around!
These skins come in a wide variety of colors and tones and for now you can get a three pack with pale, tan and dark for only 10L. Win!
Skin: Nuuna's, 10L for a three pack with and without cleavage
Stockings and Poses: xbordeaux / Hate Me and Eat Me, freebies (there are tons of freebies and cheapies around in the subscriber, in boxes, etc. Just TP around and check the place out!)
Freckles and Blush Tattoo: Mango, Mango!, 25L for a pack of four options (limited time)
Boots: Dilly Dolls, new release *swoons*
Hair: Clawtooth by Clawtooth
Leotard: Ladies Who Lunch by Faint Pulse
Photo Taken At Pixel Hills

Friday, 7 January 2011

You're So Money and You Don't Even Know It.

So, yeah. The last time I tried to blog the hsh lucky board, it went kaput between the time I won the skin + tried to blog it, so I figured I owed it to y'all to try again.
This girlie skin gift is only free until the 11th (I'm not sure what time SLT) so go + elbow your way thru the crowd pronto, like. Flip time is a hefty 30 mins but there's already a posse waitin' for this lovely deep blush skin.

Hair sidenote for all the matchy-matchy spies like moi: I noticed that this particular shade of "Strawberry" blonde color by Truth is freakin' on the money, honey with this rosy, peachy skin tone. *mwuahs Truth Hawks*

You're so money love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(sadly, who
's rarely money)

PS. For anybody who doesn't know where this post title comes from, it's the immortal speech made by Vince Vaughn during Swingers about just going for it already that everybody should hear at least once. Yes, profanity included. And no, I have no idea what made me think of it for this post! xo


Skin: hsh - :: hsh ::High Fever SKIN LB - lucky board prize (new!) - free (*NOTE: sign says thru 1/11 only!)
Hair: Truth - Nyssa - strawberry
(new!) *mwuahs Truth Hawks*
Pink bow dress: S@bbia - S@BBiA::GroupGift No.20 - group gift (join group for
$0L + touch middle square on gift wall; many other gifts here + 2 group lucky boards) (new!) - free
Nails: Amaris - * Amaris * Free Nail - Hot Pink (play game to win various colors of nails for
$0L; 2 lucky chairs + MM board here also) - free
Eyes: Poetic Colors - pc eyes by LL - autumn beach
Pose: Croire

Wretched Dollies Undies

Cute new lucky chair underwear at Wretched Dollies! There are a few colors in the chair but I only won green. That's ok though because green is my fave color!
P.S. Blogging is really hard with a broken keyboard D:
Underwear Set: Wretched Dollies, lucky chair prize
Hair: Curious Kitties
Skin: Imagen
Eyeliner: Cheap Makeup

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Happy Kyoot Year!

Kyoot has recolored one of my favorite dresses and is offering it at a New Years gift.  The gift also includes a nice black sequined vest.  My skin is the lovely Precious skin in Christmas Yule makeup, which is a group gift.  Now nothing about this skin made me want to start saying "Ho Ho Ho" (though other things do).  Its a great year-round skin and I do like the base shades.  Also, before it ends RezIpsa has an amazing clearance sale on a lot of hair and clothing.  My favorite style of Rezzie's work is Eliza and I was able to pick up a version with snowflakes for cheap!
 See the skin close up!
Dress: Kyoot: And It's Love - Cream: Free
Belt: Cinch.belt: not free
Skin: Fhang Candy: Precious/Light - Christmas Yule: Group Gift
Hair: RezIpsa: Eliza<3Snow: 4 PM: 25 L
Eyes: Glam Affair: Stella V2 - 14: not free
Lashes: Amperlope: Frequency Hijack: 40 L or 130 for a pack of 4
Stockings: Sheer: Knee-Highs - Over: Free
Shoes: Lelutka: Saffron Pumps: Not Free

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Cleansing The Palate

I love the holidays but I also love when they are over. This chic tuxedo dress from Doppleganger is the perfect way to make a fresh start for the New Year. Its the grand opening gift here.

Free Dress

I've shown it with this fabulous birkin from Morantique and the latest release from the luxury shoe designer, Purrfect 10 (both not free but well worth every linden).

Purrfect 10 Florence Stilettos

The detail on these shoes is amazing AND, the menu includes the option to make them all black as well. Two pairs in one. Don't miss the generous group gifts when you are in the store. There are currently FOUR free pairs of shoes available as group gifts!

Happy New Year everyone!

Style Notes
Hair: !VA! Sinahi
Skin & Makeup: Lelutka
Jewellery: Mandala

So I Needed A Reason To Wear Teal Hair

Not much of a reason. Just a nudge.
I was wandering around REASONABLE DESIRES the other day and at the line of Lucky Chairs there were TWO G'S! So I plopped myself down and picked up the LEAH Lingerie in purple and pink.
Then I said, "SELF, I should find some skin or something to wear and then I can show the girlies on Freestyle. Hmmm, who always has some kinda skin freebie or fun thing? FRICK!"

It turns out FRICK is having a little Candy Cane hunt in her store which has candy canes full of skins and makeups and even a corset which I was far to LAZY to shoot and show you all of!

But I am wearing two of the skins with the winter makeup tattoo layer for funz.

The hair is NOT free it's Truth's Diana in Teal, which my original quest - to wear TEal Hair (see post title.)

I'm also wearing the most awesomest bedroom slippers evah, by the soon to be gone 5th & Oxford and they are only 50L which is not 5L or under but, THEY ARE SO CHEAP for how awesome they are.
I went and got them in all the colors.

OMG I am so lazy but look, here is all the other good stuff at Frick that is dollarbie in the candy canes throughout the store. FRICKA I STOLE THIS OFF YOUR FLICKR! LOVE ME ANYWAY!?

Frick loves me.

Ok then. Teal hair worn. Mission accomplished.

Now GO. Acquire. And have a lovely day my beautiful girls.